{Recipe} Halloween Boo Bark

It's so easy to make this Halloween Boo Bark! It's the perfect treat for your little ghouls!

Oh, hi, Halloween! Look at you sneaking up on me super quick. I haven't even pulled the orange boxes out of the attic yet. Oops! Luckily it only takes a few minutes to make this super fun and seasonally appropriate Halloween Boo Bark. You can totally melt chocolate in the microwave, but I'm prone to burning it that way. I still love the double boiler method best. My double boiler? One of my everyday bowls sitting in one of my small sauce pans. Just melt the chocolate of your choice and pour it on a piece of parchment paper on top of a cookie sheet. Smooth it out then pop it in the freezer. Repeat those steps with orange candy melts. Make sure the candy melts aren't super hot when you smooth them on top of your chocolate or you're likely to get melt through. Cover your bark with all the Halloween sprinkles. All of them. You'll need to hand place the candy eyes, but otherwise, just go to town shaking everything. Once you're done pop it all in the freezer for a few minutes. Once … [Continue]

The Last Hairdryer You’ll Ever Need: The Conair Q3

Conair Q3 Buttons

I have exactly one head and yet I'm the proud owner of three-yes, three-hair dryers. Fun fact: all of my hair dryers are from Conair. I was totally happy with the hair dryer I was using, but when Beautystat asked me if I wanted to try the Infiniti Pro by Conair® 3Q™, I jumped at the chance. Why? Well...my hair...takes...forever to dry. For-ev-er. I could bore you with the stories about mornings where the 'rent in charge told me to go back and dry my hair just a little longer. But...I won't. Needless to say, the possibility of a 70% reduction in dry time when compared to the T3 dryer model 83808 had me super excited. The dry time is reduced by the brushless motor technology, providing Quick airflow. It also has a patent pending noise reduction technology that makes it 40% more Quiet than it would be without this tech. It also has a life that's up to 10X longer compared to standard dryers thanks to magnets and electronics that power the motor, making it crazy high Quality.  Quick, … [Continue]

Silhouette October Savings


Ready for October Silhouette savings? There's an amazing price on the Silhouette portrait! Use code BUNNYHOPS to receive a Portrait machine, 1 pack of Printable Gold Foil, 1 pack of Printable Silver Foil, 1 pack of Vellum and 1 grey dust cover for only $149.99!  Hurry...offer ends at the end of the month! You can also check out the all new Silhouette CAMEO-available online now!   … [Continue]

Things To Do While You Dye Your Hair

Madison Reed

I was born with a medium brown hair color. For a while there I thought I would die with a medium brown hair color. While all my friends started going gray I was still that same medium brown. And then...disaster struck. Grays popped up. One here, two there. Nothing crazy. But because my hair was that medium brown they were shiny and silver and stuck out like a sore thumb. Box dye to the rescue. The more I dyed, the darker I went. I've from time to time used the darkest black I could find. Yet … [Continue]

Easy Sleeping Beauty Party Plan-Giving Movie Night A Princess Makeover

Sleeping Beauty Movie Night #DisneyBeauties #shop

I don't think it comes as any great shock that I have a fondness for all things Disney. That's extra true when it comes to Disney Princesses. What can I say? This girl loves a good fairy tale. Sleeping Beauty also hold a special place in my heart for having my favorite Disney Villain. I love Maleficent so much I even made a pair of horns to wear for Halloween. Nothing against Aurora, but Maleficent is just too fabulous for words. I was the proud owner  of every Disney movie ever released on … [Continue]

GoPro Cameras-The GoTo For Vacations


So I can't claim to be the outdoorsy type-unless it's an outdoor shopping area. It's just not my style. The one exception to that? I love theme parks! I love Roller Coasters! Seriously, the bigger and faster the better. My love of theme parks and my upcoming Florida vacation are what have me seriously itching for a wearable video camera that can keep up with a few loops and spins. Best Buy is home to the latest and greatest in technology, and the full line of new GoPro cameras is there, just … [Continue]

{Tutorial} No-Sew Pillowcase Cape

No-Sew Pillow Case Cape

I'm not a sewer. I have a machine and in an emergency I can sew a straight line, but...if you need an outfit I'm not your girl. I have, however, mastered the art of fusible hem tape. Start with a basic pillowcase. Whatever color you want to use is fine. Cut the pillowcase along the side and bottom seams, leaving the top pocket in tact. Use the fusible hem tape to create your finished edges. Just place the tape along the side, fold over the edge and seal with your iron. Just a few … [Continue]

{Recipe} Mini Honey Bun Cakes

Easy to make mini honey bun cakes!

You know I love a recipe hack, right? Anything that can save me a few steps in the kitchen and I'm all over it. This mini honey bun cake recipe fits the bill...it starts with a box! That's right...use your favorite boxed cake mix and you're set. I think that means you can even do this gluten free, but I'm not a g-free expert, so I'll leave that up to you to decide. This batch was made with spice cake mix, and...confession: I think it's better with yellow cake. But again, do whatever you … [Continue]

The LG G3 From Sprint

LG G3 from Sprint

Earlier in the year I gave the LG G2 a spin. It was a pretty cool phone with a lot of great features for the multi-tasker. I liked it so much I gave it to one of you guys. See how much I love you? Now I've been checking out the LG G3. And I should probably go ahead and talk about the elephant in the room. This is just on loan so I can't share. Sorry. Maybe next time? The G3 has fairly auspicious timing. My personal phone was starting to have some hardware issues and I ended up getting a … [Continue]

A Very Cursed Howl-O-Scream At Busch Gardens Williamsburg

Busch Gardens Howl-O-Scream

I'm obsessed with all things cute and sweet. I love bunnies, kittens, glitter and washi tape. That might leave you a tiny bit surprised when you hear that I also love scary movies, Halloween and all things spooky. I've never been to Busch Gardens during the Halloween season, so I was crazy excited to check out everything going on. And maybe ride a few of the thrillier rides I missed out on during my last trip. The theme this year is Cursed. Have you heard the oh-so-creepy song? You know, the … [Continue]