Paddington Inspired Cream Cheese and Orange Marmalade Teddy Bear Cupcakes

Teddy Bear Cupcakes

The challenge? Create a fun movie night snack to celebrate the digital release of Paddington. The solution? The world's easiest Teddy Bear Cupcakes, of course! Start with your favorite cupcake recipe. While those are in the oven, make the teddy bear faces. Use vanilla wafers and draw on the mouths with a toothpick dipped in melted chocolate. Use more melted chocolate to attach a mini M&M as the nose. Paddington loves marmalade, so orange marmalade stuffed cupcakes were the perfect fit! A cupcake corer makes this easy, but if you don't have one, a knife or spoon will work. Just spoon in your marmalade and then recover the top. I practiced my piping skills with Duff's Cream Cheese frosting. Not bad, right? I promise your frosting won't matter too much since the top of your cupcake will be covered up, though. Perfect if you're usually hopeless with frosting like me! Mini vanilla wafers make the bear ears. Just add those and then place on the face you already created. The final touch? … [Continue]

Monkey Kingdom-See it this weekend!


Have plans this weekend? If you're free, I have the perfect idea. Go see Monkey Kingdom. A donation will be made to Conservation International for every ticket sold between April 17-23 2015! Monkey Kingdom introduces us to Maya, the hardworking star of the movie. Although calling her a star doesn't mean she's leading a privileged life. The toque macaque monkeys of  Sri Lanka have a social structure that would put any high school clique to shame. Things change for Maya when she becomes a mother. She's determined to give her son Kip a leg up in the world. The monkeys' home, Castle Rock, is taken over by a powerful group of neighboring monkeys. This leads to new adventures, including some of my favorite scenes in the film. Eventually the monkeys work together in an attempt to reclaim their home. Monkey Kingdom is rated G and has a run time of just over 80 minutes. Although moments of fighting are referenced, they are not featured in the film. Some monkeys with injuries are … [Continue]

Blackberry Shortcake Parfait

Easy to make Blackberry Shortcake Parfait

I have a confession. I make fun of parfaits. I log onto Pinterest and they're all over the place. I've always thought, "Does anyone need instructions on how to make a parfait?" And the answer, honestly, is no. Grab a glass. Layer some stuff. Parfait, done. It's easy. So I'm not going to tell you how to parfait. I'm just going to tell you what I've got in my Blackberry Shortcake Parfait. Start with a trip to Publix to grab Liberté® Méditerranée® Blackberry yogurt. You can also pick up … [Continue]

Celebrating Monkey Kingdom at the LA Zoo!

LA Zoo Maya

Last week I had the opportunity to screen the new Disneynature film Monkey Kingdom. It's such a sweet movie, perfect for little people and adults alike. You'll definitely want to check it out this weekend (April 17-23 2015)-they'll be making a donation to Conservation International for every ticket sold!What better way to celebrate Monkey Kingdom than with a tour of the LA Zoo? We hit the zoo for a private tour, plush Mayas in hand. You can pick up your own stuffed Maya or Kip at the Disney … [Continue]

Etched Monogram Glass Pitcher Tutorial

Etched Monogram Pitcher

#ShowMeTheShine #CollectiveBiasI love collecting new dishes and glasses. I'll blame it on being a sometimes food blogger. You need a variety of props for your photos, right? If I'm being totally honest, though, it's probably related to my love of shopping and collecting anything for the kitchen.I picked up this glass pitcher on a clearance rack ages ago. I was planning to etch it from the time it was purchased-I just hadn't quite figured out what I was going to etch yet. When you want to etch … [Continue]

DIY Sports Straws

It's fun to make your own sports themed straws! #FinalFourPack #ad

Coca-Cola is a corporate champion of the NCAA. #FinalFourPack #CollectiveBias When it comes to sports, I'm "that girl". I don't really care...until you're pulling against my team. I don't really watch...until you invite me to a viewing party. It's not really my thing...until you mention buying tickets for the game. Then I'm all-in. I'm the biggest fan ever. And of course I'm always going to love my school. They just made it to the top sixteen in the men's national championship. I should probably … [Continue]

From Closet To Craft Room

From closet to craft room...and mini home office! #KleenexStyle #ad

#KleenexStyle #CollectiveBiasI have an office! And a craft room! I'm embarrassed to admit just how long this project has been in process.  It even managed to pick up the hashtag #neverendingproject somewhere along the way. If I'm being honest, it hasn't ended. I have a light to hang and some trim to install. There's still a little touch up painting that's needed. Oh, and the hardwoods end at the door threshold. Hopefully all of this will be fixed in the very near future. For now, I'm happy to … [Continue]

Follow along on next week’s Avengers Event!


The last three weeks have been completely overwhelming. I had been thinking about quitting my job for a while. This blog that was a hobby had kept me busier than I ever imagined. Combining my blog with a few gigs I had going on behind the scenes, becoming my own boss started to seem like a legitimate possibility. One of the most tempting aspects of the whole thing? Time. Time to grow my blog. Time to make things. Time to go places. So many of my friends have gone on amazing adventures on … [Continue]

Five Surprising Places To Buy Craft Supplies

Five Surprising Places To Buy Craft Supplies

Don't misunderstand. I love my favorite craft store. Some might say I spend too much time shopping there. That doesn't mean they're the only source for my craft supplies, though. Keep an open mind and you can find surprising places to buy craft supplies! What do crafting and Sears have in common? Tools! Tiny screwdrivers and needle nose pliers are perfect for making jewelry. A compact drill is perfect for small DIY projects. Heavy duty glue guns? They're worth their weight in … [Continue]

Rice Krispies Treats Sweepstakes-We both can win!

Create fun Farm Friends with Rice Krispies Treats! #KreateMyHappy #ad

If you've heard me squealing from the rooftops lately, it's probably because my Farm Friends Krispies Kreations were named a finalist in a national contest from Kelloggs. Well, there are a few other reasons I might squeal. (#AvengersEvent, anyone?) But there's a strong possibility that it's related to the sweepstakes. I'm so excited about this opportunity and I'd love to win! Winning means I need your help with votes. The best part? Helping me out means you have a chance to win, too! You can … [Continue]