{Tutorial} Easy Stencil Nail Art

Bunny Nails

I like having other people do my nails for me. Mostly because when I try to do my nails it turns into a hot mess. I still wanted to give a little nail art a shot before heading to San Jose for BlogHer. I mean, what's a better way to brand myself than a bunny accent nail?I started with a little stencil I made with scrap vinyl from my Silhouette. That was the easy part. Just kidding. It was all easy. I'm not sure that the hot pink bunny is my look, but I'm kinda digging the polka dots. Try to ignore the blue dye still staining my hands from my last project, OK? The Hot Designs Nail Art Pens let you create your own fun designs. Each set comes with three pens and each pen contains two colors. Use the brush to paint your nails, then the use the unique pen tip to create your designs. The fine point really is easy. Want to try Hot Designs for yourself? Enter to win their #GetHotLooks Stylish Summer Selfie contest. You'll win a beach package including a $250 Target gift card. Oh, … [Continue]

{Tutorial} Bubble Tie Dye Tote Bag

Create a fun bubble beach tote with Tie Dye from Tulip! #tiedyeyoursummer #tdys

 This post is brought to you by Tulip. Are you ready to Tie Dye Your Summer? Summer is full of fun and trips and activities. Trips and activities that require a tote bag. So let's make one! I picked up a plain canvas tote from the craft store.  I also picked up a bottle of gel glue to create a fun design. Gel glue acts as a resist when dying fabrics. You can use the gel to write words, draw pictures or make designs. Just make sure you place a barrier between the fabric layers. I placed a plastic bag in each pocket and inside of the bag to keep the glue from seeping through. Since this was my first time trying the gel glue resist technique I kept it simple and tried to create bubbles. Helpful tip: do not apply the glue thickly. Less is more. My bubbles dripped in a few places. Luckily it worked well enough with my design. Anything more intricate and you could have a mess! Tulip One-Step Tie-Dye makes this process easy. The challenge is really with the fabric. Canvas will take … [Continue]

{Tutorial} Personalized Door Banners

Bunny and Wine Banner

I'm officially in panic mode. I leave soon for BlogHer and I have way too much to do and basically one day to do it all. That didn't stop me, though, from creating a fun door banner for our hotel room. We started the whole door decorating thing in May at SoFabCon. It's a tradition I wanted to keep alive. And nothing could represent our room more than bunnies and wine. I used cuts I already had from the Silhouette online store to make my own bunny and wine glass banner. I just added little … [Continue]

Speck ShowFolio-In Car Entertainment

Show Folio in car

I've kept my iPad mini in my HandyShell case from Speck since last year. I love that case. That didn't mean I couldn't find a little love in my heart for ShowFolio, though! This case comes with a magnetic cover that protects the screen when closed and acts as a stand when opened. (Think Smart Cover.) But where the ShowFolio turns super amazing  is when you use the fold away hooks. Just pop them out and attach to the head rest in your car. Suddenly you have an entertainment center.  Let's face … [Continue]

{Tutorial} Fortune Cookie Business Cards

Make paper fortune cookies to use as business cards and stand out from the crowd!

I'm leaving next week for my last blogging conference of the season. And it's the big one. Big as in the furthest away, the most expensive to attend and with the biggest crowd. I'll be surrounded by thousands of other bloggers. Not hundreds. Thousands. I want to stand out. In a good way, of course. That's why I'm crafting up some one of a kind business cards to take with me. I have standard cards to hand out when it's appropriate, but when I want to make a statement, these are how I'll make … [Continue]

{Recipe} Lemon Drop Frozen Teagarita

Easy and fun lemon drop Teagarita recipe! #CuervoTeagarita

I'm pretty sure I've confessed my lifetime love of tea on my blog a time or two. Have I similarly confessed my love or margaritas? I'm thinking not. So let me confess that now: I loooove margaritas. It feels good to get that off my chest. Jose Cuervo, long time producer of America's favorite ready-to-serve margarita, has decided to hook this girl up with something special, just for her. Fine. It's probably not just for me. I suppose it's possible they weren't actually thinking of me when … [Continue]

{Makeup Monday} Out with the old…in with the Vincent Longo

Vincent Longo Haul

I was sent a pretty awesome collection of makeup goodies from Vincent Longo and the team at BeautyStat for this post. #bstat Let's face it. You have a drawer...maybe drawers...full of stuff you don't use. There is makeup stashed somewhere that needs carbon dating to figure out it's age, right? Come on...I know it's not just me. Why are you holding on to that stuff that you don't use? You have better use for your space. And you can't be too careful-old makeup can be unsafe! Here's the … [Continue]

The Other Woman Release Girl’s Night In Closet Swap

Girls Night In Closet Swap

Fox Home Entertainment will be releasing The Other Woman on Blu-ray this July 29. You can watch it early on Digital HD- it's available July 15! To celebrate the movie, consider hosting a Girl's Night In Closet Swap. Just invite your friends to bring over clothing and accessories to exchange with each other. Watch the movie. Have some snacks. Sounds fun, right? I'll be back to share some fun party ideas. I'll also be featuring goodies from Stella and Dot and SnobSwap. Check back in next … [Continue]

{Tutorial} Personalized Coca Cola Bottle Tumbler

Make personalized Coca Cola bottle tumblers and #shareitforward! #shareacoke #shop #collectivebias

It's a little joke in the office. The receptionist knows I've had a bad day when she sees me heading for the vending machine in the break room to buy a Diet Coke. If it's a really bad day there's a candy purchase, too, but most of the time...the Diet Coke is the treat that gets me through. That's why I'm really digging the #ShareaCoke campaign. I love hunting down the names of friends and family and the bottles when I see them in stores. It's also the inspiration for my personalized Coca Cola … [Continue]

{Tutorial} Everlasting Cake with Bunting

Make and everlasting "fake cake" with Collage Clay. You can even change out the bunting on the same cake!

Mod Podge Collage Clay  is the main ingredient for Decoden. (That's the art of decorating anything with lots and lots of trinkets.) When my latest box of craft supplies arrived, I was totally thinking of doing a traditional Decoden style craft. The "cake frosting" appearance turned my head, though, and I became obsessed  with the idea of making a decorative "everlasting cake". When I mentioned the idea of said fake cake to a friend, her immediate response was, "Why on earth would anyone make a … [Continue]