Top Ten Keyword Search Terms {For The Week Ending September 8, 2012}

It’s been a while since I did a full post about how people were finding my blog. It never fails to make me giggle when I look to see what’s bringing people to my little corner of the internet.

Things have switched up a bit in recent history. I guess people are settling in for the fall and wanting a little candy. Luckily they’re still drawing beavers and searching for nests. Here’s my top ten:
  1. nest pictures
  2. candy corn m&ms
  3. crying face
  4. candy corn m&m’s
  5. draw something beaver
  6. candy corn m and ms
  7. white chocolate candy corn m&ms
  8. beaver draw something
  9. cute duct tape crafts
  10. draw something ringpop
Draw Something, Ring Pop
And welcome back to the list, Draw Something Ringpop. You’ve been missed! 
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  1. daytodayMOMents says

    Thanks to this post I know two things I should do more;
    Go back to playing Draw Something, and look at my top searched keywords!
    I love how “nest pictures” is still holding strong 😉

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