It’s A Style Surprise With Sears!

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The challenge? Visit Sears and outfit myself for the holidays. Me? Shop? For clothes and stuff? I can do this! So here’s the deal. I have places to go and things to do at Christmas. But we are not fancy. At all. There will be parties and cocktails but no cocktail party attire. That doesn’t mean I don’t want to have something cute to wear, though!

Sears, Style Surprise, Scarves

So I’m starting with scarves. I like scarves. I have a lot of scarves. But a girl can never have too many scarves…so…which scarf wins the styleSurprise challenge? (We’ll leave the #duckface challenge part out of this post…but trust me. The world needs more #duckface on Instagram.)
Sears, Style Surprise, Scarf, Sparkle
Well, on both Instagram and on Facebook the sparkles have it. (Apparently sparkles always win.)
Sears, Style, Surprise, Boots,
Now a girl also can’t have enough boots. And if a girl can have enough boots I don’t want to know it…because someone is likely to tell me I have enough boots and I don’t want to hear it. There were tons of boots at Sears and lots of flat boot options. (I might have just sprained my ankle for the millionth time and flats are becoming mandatory.) So I found some awesome black flat boots and some strappy gray boots to try on. There were some chocolate brown boots that I was dying for…but no 7.5. (Still crying over that one…)
Sears, Style Surprise, Buckle Boots, Gray
Facebook and Instagram agree…and the gray boots are mine!
Sears, Style Surprise, Leggings, Sweater
So there’s a problem. I love leggings. I wear dresses all of the time and I hate tights with a passion. Since I also wear boots all of the time leggings are perfect! Except I only have two pairs of leggings and they’re both black and plain and…well…I need more leggings. There were so many super cute sweater leggings at Sears. So many, in fact that it was hard to choose. And the really big question: ribbed or cable knit?
Swears, Sweater Leggings, Style Surprise
Trick question! (Even though Facebook and Instagram did have opinions…) I bought them ALL! (Hello…they were only $9.99 a pair. I had to.)
Sears, Stripped, Skirt, Style Surprise
And I didn’t ask for votes because it was the only skirt I tried on…but…this new black and white maxi skirt is going into serious closet rotation. (What can I say? I’m a sucker for compliments and I’ve already worn it and been told it’s fabulous!)
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  1. Love your style.. I soo need to run to Sears and check out the Leggins.. OMG.. I love them!! Loved your pictures….

  2. LOL…filter. They’re gray. I want them in brown. I will find them in brown.

  3. You are your filters! I feel a little color blind now because I swore I was looking at all three colors. LOL

  4. I need more filters…what can I say? You know lighting issues in dressing rooms…phones… :)

  5. Patricia Cook says:

    You are adorable and I love everything you bought. I also saw some pretty fabulous boots at Sears, too. I don’t know if red boots are right for me, but they were sure cute.

  6. When in double always buy the boots. Trust me. :)

  7. BrandiJeter says:

    Love, love, love those boots! Although I adore tights, those leggings are hot, and i must have them!

  8. Those brown boots are gorgeous! I am a sucker for boots and hair accessories so you can be a sucker for boots and leggings. :)

  9. I’m wearing the leggings (well, one pair of them) right now! I love sweater leggings. So fun for winter!

  10. Love the boots, all 3 of them. I’m kind of a sucker for boots and have multiple pairs in my closet that I never wear because of the weather. And the leggings are a must have too. And one more thing….#duckface!

  11. You should get the leggings. All of the leggings. Every last color and style. You will wear them all…
    (I’m still surprised they worked since they were juniors…but they did!) :)

  12. Bwahahahaha…yes. Exactly. I love boots. I go straight from flip flops to boots. It’s my thing.

  13. I LOVED that skirt but I didn’t try it on because I’ve got a whole lotta junk in my trunk and I was afraid it would hug me in all the wrong places. It IS fabulous, though. And this gal? I have ENORMOUS calves so I’ve never been able to wear boots *sobbing* Love the grey ones, they’re super cute and I’m mega jealous I can’t wear them!

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