My Week In {First World Problems}

The secret to happiness is knowing you’re happy. 
First World Problems, Happiness, Charity, Dawson, Crying, Meme

I wanted to get my pedicure done in emerald green. I couldn’t find the emerald green. As the lady was painting my nails I saw the emerald green.

The Christmas tree has gotten needles everywhere in the house. I don’t care how pretty they are, cleaning up after a Christmas tree is the worst!

My king size sheets like to tangle up in the dryer and take too long to dry.

My guitar arrived missing a bridge pin cover. They’re sending me a new one but now I have to deal with sending the old one back.

There are too many things that come on TV on Sunday night that I like to watch and the DVR can’t record them all.

I’m having trouble thinking of more problems from last week. Especially now that my cough is going away…

It’s got to be a good week when you can’t even think of enough problems, right? Here’s the having that same problem again next week!

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  1. clgossett says

    Man you have it rough. 😉 The green toe nail polish would have thrown me over the ledge all by itself, and then throw in the rest of it? OY! How do you manage?

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