My Week In {First World Problems}

The secret to happiness is knowing you’re happy. 
First World Problems, Happiness, Charity, Dawson, Crying, Meme

I got a really nice PolarTec blanket for Christmas and I love it. But it’s like 72 degrees out. In January. But I don’t want to take the blanket off of my bed.

I just found a $100 gift card that’s about to expire so I have to go spend $100. Immediately.

I tried to be different and I painted my nails copper. But I hate it. And I don’t want to repaint my nails.

My Kindle is awesome but it sort of makes me annoyed when I want to read a book and I have a real book and not the Kindle version.

I need a new pair of brown boots. Every time I go shopping I come home with new shoes but never brown boots.

OK, if that’s all I got I can face Monday. But man, I have got to do something about these nails…

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