Carbon Audio: The Extra Small, Extra Loud Pocket Speaker

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Carbon Audio Pocket Speaker in pink #PocketBoom #shop #cbiasI love things that are cute. I love collecting gadgets. It should come as no surprise that I really love it when my gadgets manage to be totally cute. Although that does create some problems. Like which color Pocket Speaker do I want? (Seriously, while standing in the Apple Store I actually consulted a two year old and a four year old on color selection. They each had a different opinion. Totally no help…) As you can see I ended up with the pink. I was sort of thinking the black and white. And then at the last minute I went for the pink. I figured it was fun and since it’s primarily going to be my in-office and travel speaker I thought fun was the way to go. And it’s so fun. And so little. And so cute. Totally adorable.

So now that we have the color picked out, let’s talk tiny speakers. Last July I snagged several swag-type speakers at a conference. And, well…you get what you pay for. I mean, sure they make things a little louder, but the sound quality is not good. It’s no wonder they’re collecting dust in that place where all conference swag eventually ends up. (Which is a bag in the corner of my scary closet full of stuff.)

The Carbon Audio Pocket Speaker? Totally different story. It’s good sound. Good sound? Heck…it’s better than good. It’s great sound. John Cusack could have totally stood outside Ione Skye’s house with this thing and played “In Your Eyes” for days without breaking a sweat. That’s because it weighs less than six ounces! But don’t worry-it’s just as loud as any 80s boom box you can remember. Maybe louder. Probably louder. When I took it to work that was the first comment. “OMG, that’s loud.” (I forgot to turn the sound down to office appropriate levels…sorry, not sorry.)

360 degrees of sound with the Carbon Audio Pocket Speaker #PocketBoom #shop #cbiasIt’s designed to deliver sound from both sides. That’s 360 degrees of audio. Instead of pointing the speaker at the center of the room you can actually place the Pocket Speaker in the center and deliver sound all around. And you can totally pair up two speakers to whatever device you’re using and get a full stereo experience. (Although just one speaker really does a great job. Using two is just a chance to get a little extra greatness thing going.)

Pocket Speaker Controls #PocketBoom #shop #cbias

In addition to sounding great, the speaker is also crazy easy to use. You can charge it for up to 8 hours of use with the included USB cord. All of the controls for the speaker are loaded on the top. You just need to turn on the power by holding down the power button. You’ll hear a tone when the power is on. To connect your phone or other device just make sure you’ve turned on their Bluetooth. You’ll then want to press and hold the Bluetooth button on the speaker until the light beside it starts to blink or you hear a tone. The speaker should then show up in your device’s Bluetooth menu. All you need to do is pair the speaker.
Carbon Audio Pocket Speaker #PocketBoom #shop #cbiasIf you wanna snag a pocket speaker for yourself you’ll need to head to your closest Apple store. It’s an Apple store exclusive. Don’t live near an Apple store? (Or, you know, maybe you’re just scared of the mall in December?) You can totally order it online, too.Pocket Speaker at Work #PocketBoom #shop #cbias For now my speaker is living on top of my monitor at work, annoying my coworkers with Christmas tunes pretty much any time I’m around. (It is the season, after all.) I mean seriously, how many high quality speakers could your safely place on the top of your computer monitor? I told you this thing was small. And fun. And cute…

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  1. WOW! This is awesome. Now I know what to get B for Christmas. He’s always listening to music from his phone and he has this big clunky speaker that he carries around because he’s convinced nothing little will give him the quality he’s looking for. Thanks so much, I was really struggling with a gift for him!
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  2. I might be a little scared of the mall during December. :-/
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  3. Very cool! I love how little it is!
    Michelle recently posted…Mom Meltdown? Why This Hasn’t Been My Month!My Profile

  4. Nancy Brett says:

    great speaker I like it

  5. That’s super cute! So glad I’m not the only person who pictures boom boxes being held over their heads outside someone’s window…
    Nicole Brady recently posted…Pan for Gold in Your KitchenMy Profile

  6. That is so cool in the video how the sound gets so loud once it pairs with the speaker! #client
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  7. This is pretty neat Amy! I love how you showed both sides of the speaker…and honestly I am in love with the pink & white!!! #pocketboom #client (I wish I got one!) :)

  8. How has your real world battery life been? I just unboxed it last night and gave it a full charge. Today it only lasted 2.5 hours at 90% volume. Is that normal?

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