{Makeup Monday} Nerium Update

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Small Basic Disclosure

Last month I told you about NeriumAD. I’m taking part in the 90 day challenge to see just how well Nerium would work for me. And it’s time to check back in. Plus, as a bonus, you get what everyone wants to see on a Monday. A picture of me…without makeup! Yay! (Seriously…you’ve been warned. Step away now. While you have the chance… Still here?)

So let’s talk a little bit about Nerium before we get right into the before and not quite aftersNeriumAD utilizes the Nerium oleander plant. (It’s the only skin care product on the market that does.) The NAE-8 extract contains antioxidant properties. (It’s also patented and exclusive to Nerium International.) In clinical trials, participants who used the night cream experienced an average reduction of 30% in the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles and discoloration. It’s also pretty simple to use. You just apply the day cream in the morning and the night cream in the evening to clean skin. Totally easy, right?

Now what are my skin concerns? I have some fine lines, some discoloration and some uneven texture. All of these are problems I’d love to improve. (Some uneven texture? Ha! I compare my cheeks to the skin of an orange…)

Nerium Cheek 30 Day Before and After

Since my cheeks are the part of my skin I’d most like to address that’s what I’m sharing today. What do you think? Me? I can definitely see a difference. The skin is a little smoother and the pores appear slightly smaller. (For full disclosure, I totally see a few more lines at the bottom near my chin in the day 30 photo, but I think that’s just a result of holding my mouth slightly different in each photo. It’s definitely not something I see in the mirror.)

As for the actual process of using Nerium, it really is easy. No multiple step processes here. I apply a little in the morning after I get out of the shower and before I put on my makeup. I apply a little in the evening after I wash my face. That’s it! (See, told you it was easy…I really am lazy when it comes to skincare.) The instructions say to use four pumps of the cream. I started with just that but over time I’ve found myself using three and that seems to be more than enough to get good coverage. The cream goes on easily and it doesn’t feel heavy or like it’s sitting on top of your skin. The smell is light and reminds me of almonds. (So despite the fact that it comes from a flower it’s not a floral smell. That’s a plus in my book since I’m not a huge fan of many floral scents.)

I’m one third of the way into my 90 day trial run. Make sure you check back next month for another update on my progress. (And…there might be a little giveaway for a few of you!) Stay in touch with Nerium International on Facebook and Twitter. Want to try Nerium yourself? Just visit this website. And don’t forget about the Real Results Contest. Share your before and after photos along with your Nerium story and you can win a luxury spa trip for you and a friend to Miami, Florida. (Including $500 in spa treatments and $500 in spending money!)


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  1. I always have to be careful with skin care products because my skin is so sensitive. I try using some products and end up with a red face in 2 minutes. Other products seem to work great then I end up breaking out a day later. It’s frustrating!
    Nicole Brady recently posted…Baked Goods for a BeginnerMy Profile

  2. Nancy Brett says:

    OH nice really big difference after 30 days great ,, thank you for share with us

  3. wow i see a slight difference, but that’s good enough for me! i wanna try it out…

  4. Wow! I love before and after pictures! I can see a difference! What a great product.

  5. It looks like a great product!! My skin could use something at this point!!
    Michelle recently posted…Tis the Season to be ThankfulMy Profile

  6. Wonder how this would work for a guy?
    Scott recently posted…Wear Your EmotionsMy Profile


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