{3M Streaming Projector} Watchin’ Movies On The Ceiling

I have a 3M Mobile Projector that I use all of the time for work. As a matter of fact I use it so much for work that it stays in my desk most of the time. That means when I want to watch a movie at home I don’t have it. When the 3M Streaming Projector came out I immediately wanted one. And it was a want. I was able to convince myself that the original mobile projector was a need because of work…but I just couldn’t make the streaming projector a need. It’s a solid want. And I wanted it badly.

Movie, Roku, Netflix, Streaming, 3M, Projector

But sometimes you do get what you want. And I got a 3M Streaming Projector! I shouldn’t have been surprised by the small size since I knew it would be small…but it was tiny. It fits in the palm of your hand!

Movie, Roku, Netflix, Streaming, 3M, Projector

The Roku Streaming Stick brings pretty much any streaming media service right to the projector. (In my case Netflix. I love my Netflix…)

Movie, Roku, Netflix, Streaming, 3M, Projector
But this…this is where the magic happens. Although you can project on a wall, just as you would expect, the 3M Streaming Projector sits perfectly on it’s end and projects on the ceiling, too. 
And there’s really not much cooler than lying in bed and watching a movie on the ceiling. (Full disclosure in case you were worried about the picture quality: I was in bed and took that picture with my cell phone.)
Lalaloopsy, Movie, Roku, Netflix, Streaming, 3M, Projector
And the tiny size makes it easy to move around the house. (Like to the guest room when the nieces are visiting and they want to watch Lalaloopsy on the ceiling.)
Want to learn more? Follow 3M Mobile Projector on Twitter and Facebook. Trust me, it’s worth it. (I got mine after entering a contest on their Facebook page!)
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