A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words…

Picture from Christy Gossett of Insanity Is Not An Option

Spring has been crazy busy already-and it hasn’t even been Mother’s Day yet! (Not to mention Father’s Day and graduation season being right around the corner.) For a while I was doing a great job of taking my really nice camera everywhere. I was taking great picture. (Well, at least better pictures.) All was well. And then I got lazy. (That’s actually how a lot of my stories go, isn’t it?)

Suddenly I was leaving my camera at home and pulling out my smartphone to take those photos. A camera phone is great for those spontaneous moments, but it really doesn’t make sense for me to use that as my primary source for photos. Otherwise there was no point in buying my DSLR, right? And even though some phones take great pictures, there’s just no comparison between a phone picture and a DSLR picture. (At least most of the time.) Using my phone to record all of my spring memories means I’m missing out on the really great pictures I could have!

Picture From My Phone

I confess that last weekend while I was away at a conference with friends I kept going to the camera in my phone rather than the DSLR in my camera bag. Looking at my pictures when I got home I was more than a little disappointed. Sound like you? Or maybe you actually need to get a better camera because the one you have isn’t any better than your phone? The good news is Best Buy can help! They have a huge variety of DSLR cameras, camcorders, compact cameras and more with features like long zoom, low light and wifi. I’m dying for a wifi camera. I think it would perfect for work. (And having my photos upload instantly might break my of my “grab my phone for photos” habit.)

If you’re like me and you’re always worried that you’ll find a better deal as soon as you commit to buy you don’t have to worry. Best Buy’s low price guarantee means you’ll get the latest technology at the best price. As a bonus, you’ll even get free shipping on all cameras at BestBuy.com! You can even trade in your old camera for a Best Buy gift card. Looking for a great way to share your pictures? How about a digital photo frame? You can get 25% off select digital photo frames now at Best Buy!  

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  1. clgossett says

    I’m kind of digging the phone photo. Might be all of the silly tongues sticking out and Bailey’s brain blast. 😉

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