Blog Conferences: Like Summer Camp. With Cocktails.

This time next week I’ll be hanging out in Arkansas with a group of my besties. We’ll be gearing up for the second annual SoFabCon. The first official event isn’t until Thursday night, and yet we’re arriving on Tuesday. That’s because we’re scattered across the country and we did notget to spend enough time together last year.

I’m actually so excited about SoFabCon that I somehow ended up getting my arm twisted into writing a blog post about it for SoFabConnect last night. Even though it was totally past my bedtime. That’s what happens when one of said besties is the editor of the site…

SAM_0309But I digress. SoFabCon is all about the fun. It’s sort of like summer camp. Except you get to drink wine and stuff. There’s hanging out in your pajamas eating pizza. There’s a party every night. There’s staying up all hours talking. And there will be cocktails. Lots and lots of cocktails…

Somewhere during all of this I might learn an SEO trick here or a Google+ skill there. But at the end of the day-at least for me-it’s going to be about spending time with my friends. And I’m not just talking about the friends whom I suckered into being roommates. I’m talking about all of my friends. And if you’re going I consider you a part of that group. Even if we haven’t met yet. And if we haven’t met yet? Allow me to introduce myself. Hi, I’m Amy. Feel free to come hang out in my room. We’re probably ordering pizza. And having cocktails…

By the way…is this your first blog conference? Don’t forget to check out my handy packing guide. It’s full of totally unhelpful information, but there IS a printable packing list. 


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