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Today when I was out running errands a cashier asked me how my holiday was going. I said I would be happy when I was actually ready for them. I wasn’t totally honest when I said that, though. I’m happy now. I love the holidays. I love getting ready for everything including Christmas parties. It’s just this weekend that I’m swamped with too many things going on!

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Part of the hustle and bustle any Christmas season are all of the parties. Hosting, attending…it doesn’t matter. There’s always something to do. So what can you do to make your holidays memorable? (And save your sanity along the way?) Look for ways to save time with unique food options!

If you’re anything like me, after Thanksgiving you’re pretty much done with turkey. Non-traditional food is a fun way to spice things up. (Pun totally intended!) Jose Ole features frozen options that would make easy-and delicious-appetizers for your next party. (Or why not do an all appetizer party? Talk about easy and delicious!) You can microwave, bake or pan fry the taquitos…whatever your schedule (and your tastes) prefer! I’m a fan of quick so I usually use the microwave…but I like the taste of baked so I’ll pop them in the oven for a few minutes when I’m done. It’s the best of both worlds! Add your favorite dips like sour cream, salsa or guacamole and you’re ready to eat.

Add other choices to your party from Jose Ole like the mini tacos, empanadas or quesadillas and you’ll have a holiday fiesta that’s ready in just minutes. Looking for another way to make the season bright?

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Super awesome bonus time! You can score a $2 off coupon for Jose Ole products on their Facebook page. That alone would be great. But…BUT…it gets better: each coupon downloaded is a donation of $2 to the Children’s Miracle Network! You save $2, they give $2…talk about a win/win! Help them reach their goal of a $100,000 donation. That’s just 50,000 coupons downloaded. That’s easy, right? All you need to download is one!  And maybe share with a friend. And get them to share with a friend. You see where I’m going with this, right? So what are you waiting for? Go to Jose Ole’s Facebook page now and get started. 

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