Five Things I Want For No Good Reason

Sometimes you want something, not because you need it or even have a particularly good use for it. You just want it.

Five Things I Want For No Good Reason

The JAMBOX is a relatively new obsession after trying one out at Best Buy over the weekend. There were three other small speakers on display and they didn’t come close to the JAMBOX in sound. I don’t actually have a docking station for my phone or iPod. I could probably twist myself into making this a need. Hmm…

The Daisy Rock Pixie Acoustic guitar is something I’ve always thought was cute. It’s just that it’s recently become something I must have. I don’t play the guitar. At all. I just want to learn. And I want to learn on a guitar that sparkles. Even after telling a friend that I was going to buy this and being told, “That’s so Taylor Swift of you.” I still want it. (I considered that an insult, for the record.)

The Coach Juliette bag is not something I need, not even a little. I have too many cute bags already that I don’t use nearly enough. But oh, that magenta leather? Love. A lot. I don’t have a magenta bag…doesn’t every girl need one? Maybe this is a need? Maybe?

Gypsy chandeliers are fabulous. I am always racking my brain to figure out where in my house I could put one. So far the only possibility is the garage. Call me crazy, but I think it might be just a bit too much for the garage. Is it? It probably is too much for the garage. (But I’m still considering it.)

I have an iPad. An iPad mini makes no sense at all. None. Nope…who needs an iPad mini when you already have an iPad? Even if it is like your cute little iPad had an even cuter little baby. Nope..not a need. Not even a valid want. But look at it! It’s so little! It’s so cute!

Do you have anything you want for no good reason? Feel free to twist my arm into buying myself a gift from this list in the comments below!

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