Google, I Didn’t Know You Did That!

I find myself regularly in need of a reverse image search engine. (For the most random of reasons…) I’ve been using some of the online options with limited results for a while now. Why (again) am I JUST NOW figuring out how to do this with Google? (This is even worse than my Google Handwrite delay…this has been available for over a year!)
Google has given me really great results each and every time I’ve tried. As a bonus, each time I’ve searched it’s also given me similar images. (Just in case I’m looking at something not yet indexed.)

OK, so if you live under a rock like me and need this I can help! Just go to Google and click on images. To do a reverse image search just click on that little camera icon. You can search by image URL or upload a picture from your computer.
OK, so the similar images aren’t always perfect. It compared my “It’s A Small World” giraffes to photos of people wearing similar colors. But it DID find my giraffes. That’s pretty cool. 

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