iPad Apps for Kids {For Dummies}

I actually thought when I got my iPad that I would be the one who got the most use out of it. Now I know how silly that was. My nieces ask me if I have my iPad every time they see me. Although that might be changing since they got an iPad Mini for Christmas.

iPad Apps, For Kids, For Dummies, Book, Review

And that’s why I’ll be sharing this book with my sister as soon as I’m done loading up my iPad with cool aunt apps.

Table of Contents, iPad Apps, For Kids, For Dummies
The table of contents is so easy to use. You’ll have no trouble finding exactly the kind of apps you want to explore. The book starts with some helpful information about using an iPad with your kids. (Including passwords, safety, paid versus free apps and more.) 
For Dummies, iPad Apps, For Kids, For Dummies
The book uses the familiar “For Dummies” icons throughout. Pay attention to those “Warning” icons. They’ll let you know whenever there’s an app with content that might not be child friendly.
iPad Apps, For Kids, For Dummies
Of course what I found to be really helpful are all of the app write ups. Author Jinny Gudmundsen shares 225 apps that have blown her away. Each app has a complete description, color screenshot and a recommendation about who the app is best for. Prices for each app at the time of publishing are included for the US, Canada and the UK. With the size of the iTunes app store you might wonder just how comprehensive this guide really is. Every child friendly app that I have that actually gets used is featured in the book. The few that are total duds aren’t. That was enough to convince me that Jinny totally gets it when it comes to what apps kids will play and love.
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I received this book as a For Dummies Ambassador. All opinions and photos are my own.

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    I’m in a mixed household. PCs, an Android phone…but then I have a Touch and an iPad, too. It’s a good thing to have them all so you have your hands in everything. Also, you need an iPad. Actually, you need two. Godzilla will take one of them.

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