It’s Time To #GrabSummerFun!

Are you ready to grab hold of some fun this summer? I’ve been looking forward to the warm weather for ages. Hooray for days at the pool. And time in the park. And trips to the beach. And all of what summer has to offer.

Of course once you’re an adult summer doesn’t mean summer vacation. It just means the longer days come in handy because you’re that much busier. It’s hard to squeeze in work and still have plenty of time for the pool!

Not to mention cooking in the summer is a drag. I want to be outside, not in front of a hot stove. So at least once a week you have to take break and have a little fun right?

Thanks to a demo at Walmart I had an idea for my next summer break night. Pizza and ice cream. What could be better?

Unless it’s pizza and ice cream night with a $2 off coupon? (The demos are always worth checking out  even if you don’t want to sample just for the savings!)

This night isn’t completely free of work in the kitchen. I mean, I did have to put the Tombstone Pizza in the oven, after all.

I also whipped up a trio of dipping sauces for the crust. Ranch, marina and garlic butter are easy to prepare. In the case of the marinara and ranch it’s just pour from the bottle! The garlic butter sauce required a few seconds in the microwave to melt the butter and a shake of salt and garlic powder.

A Supreme Tombstone pizza counts as a few servings of vegetables, right? (I suppose I could have thrown together a salad, but come on! I’ve already had to put a pizza in the oven and melt butter. How much work in the kitchen can one girl do?)

The box of Drumstick Ice Cream only had two caramel cones. (But I grabbed one before anyone noticed!)

What’s the perfect way to end the day of summer fun? With an outdoor movie! Poster board taped to the grill made the screen. Then all I had to do was pull up Netflix and attach my portable projector to the netbook.

And maybe one more Drumstick. After all, it is treat day…

Want to #GrabSummerFun for yourself? You can win a year’s supply of Tombstone Pizza in the Pinterest contest! Just click on the link for details.

You can view my entire shopping trip in my Google+ Album.

Stay In Touch at Walmart!

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  1. says

    That looks too yummy! Where was my invite? We have a small projector like that too that I’ve been wanting to watch movies with. I like that you used the grill cover…hehehe!

  2. Lomargie says

    Oh how FUN!!! The photos are awesome! I love the idea of a movie on the deck and yes, there is always room for one more drumstick on treat day ;D

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