Juicing Madness

If you follow me on Instagram you might have caught a picture like this:

And it might have had a crazy caption like “dinner” or some such nonsense. Because that’s a beverage. A beverage is not dinner. At least not for a normal person. But it is for me. For as long as I can stand it. (Which one and a half days in looks like not that long. But you never know…)

So how did this all come to be? I blame Netflix. There are too many movies on Netflix right now talking about how we need more veggies and how we’re poising our bodies. And for reasons unknown I watched those movies over the weekend and became obsessed with buying a juicer and doing a juice fast. Fast forward 24 hours and I’m a little poorer and that pile of veggies and fruit has become all I‘m eating for a while. (By the way…that was way too much ginger. WAY too much ginger.)

So 24 hours in what have I learned? Well, I’m hungry but not starving. I don’t feel ready to kill anyone. Yet. (Ask me in two more days.) I’m glad I had mostly cut out soda except for the occasional treat before I started. (I hear the headaches are a killer during caffeine withdrawal.) And despite complaints from a lot of people that juicing is messy I haven’t had any problems cleaning up my new machine. (Actually pouring the juice in the glass? That’s another issue.)

I’ll check back in to let you know how things go! Keep your fingers crossed for me! (And anyone in my path when I’m feeling extra hungry…)

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  1. clgossett says

    I don’t know. Maybe if you put food coloring or something in it, it might be more appealing. Drinking green frightens me. But good luck. You can do this!

  2. Rachel @BubblyNatureCreations says

    A little ginger goes a long way! lol Although I would love to have a juicer… green makes me happy!

  3. says

    Then you’d be over the moon with my diet of the last few days! I’m getting used to it…but I still dream of food. And things that aren’t green. 😉

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