Lipton Tea & Honey Mango Pineapple Ginger Ale & Grilled Caribbean Salad

Have you ever really, really, really wanted your favorite meal from a restaurant but you didn’t feel like actually going to said restaurant? (You know, because that would mean waiting for a table…paying for the drinks, meal and tip…actually getting yourself to a “presentable in public” status…)

Lipton, Tea, Honey, Iced Tea, Green Tea, Mango,  Pineapple
That means sometimes you just have to take matters into your own hands and make a fun dinner and drinks out…at home!
Water Balloon, Ice Balls, Drinks, Cocktails
So that’s where water balloons come into play…
Water Balloon, Ice Balls, Drinks, Cocktails
You can make a stylish drink at home with Lipton Tea & Honey…and ice balls! There are molds for ice balls available online for around $20. But why do that when you can buy around $1.50 worth of water balloons and get the same result?
Water Balloon, Ice Balls, Drinks, Cocktails
Fill the balloons and clip in your freezer…the next day you’ll have fun ice cubes balls for your drinks!
Pretty awesome, right?
So how will you enjoy your new awesome ice cubes? I love hanging out at home close to Christmas. Partially because there’s so much to do (like wrapping gift mountain) and partially because I love spending time just looking at the tree and Christmas decorations. That’s why it’s the perfect time to perfect your favorite restaurant recipes or drinks and enjoy them with family and friends.
I’m from the south so drinking iced tea year round is a way of life. Iced tea and Christmas are no exception. Even though I do love traditional sweet tea, the calories? Not so much. Lipton Tea & Honey has just five calories (Hello? Five calories?) and comes in delicious flavors like Mango and Pineapple Iced Green Tea. I mixed mine half and half with diet ginger ale for a sparkling treat. Fancy ice, fancy drink…it’s like cocktail hour at home!
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One of my favorite things to eat out is the Grilled Caribbean Salad from Chili’s. (I also thought the flavors would be perfect with the mango pineapple green tea and ginger ale!) I’ve tried more than once to master the honey lime dressing and finally reached success with this recipe. I only used about half of the sesame oil in the recipe. Sesame oil can easily overpower all of the other flavors. I just served the pineapple Teriyaki marinated chicken on a bed of romaine with mandarin oranges, pineapples and cherry flavored Craisins. Recipe match success!
What flavor will you try first?
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  1. clgossett says

    We tried the Lipton Tea & Honey Iced Black Tea with Lemon a couple of weeks ago and it was delicious. Of course we didn’t have ice balls. I fail.

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