{Makeup Monday} Updates!

I don’t really have anything new to share…but there’s a lot of new stuff coming. So…update time.

TRIA Blue LightFirst of all, did you see that I’m one of Tria’s Age-Defying Laser Ambassadors? I am over the moon excited about it. Rumors that I’m stalking my UPS account to see when it’s arriving are totally true. (And, hopefully, tomorrow is the big day!) I’ve been thinking about buying the really pricey Fraxel Laser package at my medspa for almost a year now. I’m hoping with the Age-Defying Laser I won’t need to! (Fine, I know over-priced cosmetic treatments are never a need…work with me here…) I’m a huge fan of Tria products already-I LOVE my Blue Light and Precision.

 NeriumADI totally didn’t win the trip to Miami from Nerium. (I really wanted that spa vacation…) I’m a little bummed about not winning the trip, but I still love the team at Nerium. They’re cheering me up by sending along three bottles to give away to you guys! I’ll be sharing the giveaway on a future Makeup Monday post.

And finally…I’m totally obsessed with derma rollers. (How’s that for completely random?) I watched a few million videos on YouTube over the weekend and ended up ordering a roller on Amazon. (I know, that’s completely crazy.) I’m going to wait until I’m done with my laser cycle before giving it a go on my face. But while I’m waiting for that I’m going to give it a shot on a burn scar I have on my left wrist. And of course I’ll tell you all about it. That’s right. I’m voluntarily turning myself into a pin cushion just for you! I’m sure you’re feeling the love.

Keep checking back…lots of fun updates to come!

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