My Week In {First World Problems}

The secret to happiness is knowing you’re happy. 
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I wanted a glass of red wine. But the red wine glasses were on a shelf I couldn’t reach. So I had to drink red wine from a white wine glass.

Speaking of wine…my dishwasher has a wine glass holder. But some of my wine glasses don’t fit in the wine glass holder and I have to wash them by hand.

And since I’ve spent so much time pumping toxins into my body I thought it would be great to do a detox. So I bought a juicer. I put too much ginger in my juice. I’m refusing to remake it and suffering through.

I booked my plane tickets yesterday for a conference. All of the seats in front of the wing were taken.

My postal carrier and my UPS driver keep putting packages on my door without ringing the bell.

I took a nap today which means I’ll have trouble sleeping tonight.

So…yeah…that’s all I got. See you next week!

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