My Week In {First World Problems}

The secret to happiness is knowing you’re happy. 
First World Problems, Happiness, Charity, Dawson, Crying, Meme

The line at the warehouse sale took forever. That was a lot of trouble for half price laptops.
I bought another Little Black Bag even though I said I was over it.
No one will trade me for the Betsey Johnson scarf I want on Little Black Bag.
I published my post on the wrong day and it’s already been syndicated so I can’t revert to draft.
The battery in my DSLR died even though I checked it before I left the house and it said it still had 20%.
I need to go shopping but I’m too tired.
There are so many presents under the tree it’s a total pain to water. 
Meanwhile there are kids that are going without toys this Christmas and people dying of preventable diseases. I think I can make it on Monday.
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