An Obsession With Subscription Shopping

Until last month I had no idea what I was missing…
I had certainly heard about subscription memberships where you get a box of this or that every month for a relatively low price. It seemed kind of cool-and I totally like getting packages in the mail. But I had managed to resist up until that point.

Little Black Bag, Subscription Shopping
And then this happened. Well, actually a Klout perk happened. You see, Klout was offering users a bonus item at Little Black Bag equal to the value of their Klout score. My Klout score is usually floating around in the 50s so I was guaranteed an item valued at least that in my bag. Little Black Bags are $55 by the time you figure in shipping. It seemed a little pricey so I ignored it for a while. Then I get a “last chance” email and I decided to go for it. Why not, right? I didn’t have to keep it up for month after month if I didn’t like it. I could get my one bag, my free item, then cancel my membership.
Silver, Sparkle, Clutch, Purse, Handbag, BCBGeneration, Little Black Bag
I took the style quiz and then decided on this BCBGeneration clutch. (I was thinking it could be a great dress bag for BlogHer parties.) Love it. It’s totally adorable! It also has a suggested retail price of $78. Now I have to admit I wouldn’t have paid $78 for this bag, but it is making me feel like I’m getting my money’s worth.
There are a few things that make Little Black Bag different from the other subscription services. In most the entire box is either a mystery or completely known. With Little Black Bag you pick the first item and the other items are a surprise. From the time you open your bag you have 7 days to trade with everyone else for items you might want.
Chalkboard, Owl, Wall Decal, Little Black Bag
This owl chalkboard wall decal started life as a bottle of nail polish. I think there was a time when it was a bangle and a necklace.
Zad, Beaded, Necklace, Little Black Bag
The long beaded necklace from Zad was in my bag at the start. I did make a few attempts to trade it, but it actually grew on me the longer it stayed in my bag. 
Little Black Bag, Betsey Johnson, Sunglasses, Square
And about that perk from Klout… I had a different pair of Betsey Johnson sunglasses in my bag as my Klout bonus. I traded them for this pair, which I thought would suit me better. And I’ve been wearing them pretty much non-stop since they arrived. Love them.
I’m really excited about Little Black Bag. I actually have my July bag open as we speak, trading away. (The trading is pretty addictive. You can ship your bag at any time but I kept my bag open the entire seven days just to see what would happen.)
So I decided fine, one splurge on a Little Black Bag a month is OK. I can swing that. Of course that was before I got my Julep Maven box this weekend. Someone told me my toes were cute today. Now I can’t wait to get my next box from Julep, too! 
Please, no one tell me how awesome BirchBox and ShoeDazzle are…I’m a weak girl. I like this too much. I’m bound to give in!
I received a bonus in my first Little Black Bag thanks to a Klout Perk. The link used is my personal referral link, but I wouldn’t steer you wrong…not my style! I’m also a Julep VIP Blogger, as disclosed in the linked post. 
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  1. Mandy S. says

    Stop making me want the Julep box!! I won’t click I won’t click I won’t… ooh, pretty things.

  2. says

    I’m mad at you Amy (and Amanda too!) all that talk on Facebook has lured me in and now I can’t stop trading!!! I’m having a great time with my Little Black Bag! Love the owl chalk board – too cute!

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