One Day I’ll Bake Pretty

I’m still trying to figure out this “baking pretty” thing…

 I have some new baking gear and I’m getting better, but my bag skills are…sub par is the nicest way I can think to say it. I’m not sure if my problem is lack or practice or my habit to rush. (Probably both.)

These cupcakes were for a group of five year olds who didn’t complain. (Well, actually, they did. My niece said she wanted to bears to be “soft”. It’s hard to explain the concept of an edible decoration that isn’t really edible to a five year old!)

Prepare for piping practice updates! (Oh, and in case you didn’t already guess, bear credit goes to Wilton. I’m not even ready to think gum paste…)

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  1. Rosie says

    How cute!!! You could make a lot of “dough” if you could figure out how to make soft teddy bear decorations!!

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