Shelf Safe Milk: Never Having To Say You Can’t Bake Those Cupcakes

I have a serious problem. It’s a problem a lot of people who like to bake run into: not having the ingredients you need on hand.

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I’ve been working on my bakers pantry and keep the usual suspects around…flour, a few dozen kinds of sugar (okay, maybe four types of sugar), baking powder, chocolate chips, cream of tarter…you know, the usual suspects. Of course then you have to deal with the perishables. I keep eggs on hand because I eat a lot of eggs. Butter? I always have butter. Always. Milk, however, is another story.

You see, I’m lactose intolerant. Not severely. Processed dairy doesn’t seem to bother me and I can have a small glass of milk here and there. I just can’t drink as much milk as I would like. And because I don’t drink milk on a regular basis it tends to go bad whenever I buy a gallon. Then I’ll want to bake something that needs 2 cups of milk and I don’t have any milk. Or I do have milk and it’s gone bad. Can you see the problem?

Luckily shelf safe milk has come to my rescue. Instead of buying a gallon that will go bad before I’m halfway through or (perish the thought) not making those cupcakes I can now keep milk safely in the pantry. Thanks to Tetra Pak technology, the same milk you buy in your grocer’s refrigerated section can be bought in a box or carton and remain ready to drink for up to six months! Just refrigerate after opening and your milk can last another 7-10 days. And don’t worry if you like your milk ice cold. Just because the milk can be stored on the shelf doesn’t mean you can’t put it in your refrigerator even before it’s open!

Obviously the benefits are endless. You can stock up on shelf safe milk and make sure you always have it on hand for drinking, cereal…baking. You can throw it in your purse, diaper bag or backpack and always have milk to drink. Shelf safe milk means never having to say you can’t bake those cupcakes…

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