Sleeping Through The Night With {Dream Water}

Like probably a lot of you, I have a hard time falling asleep. I wake up in the middle of the night and I never pop out of bed ready to face the day. I’m pretty sure I need my full eight hours of sleep to be functional and I know I never get it.

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Why is sleep such a problem for me? I have a busy mind. It’s hard to wind down at night. I’m easily distracted and get to bed later than I should. I read and watch TV in bed far too much. When I wake up at 4 am instead of rolling over and going back to sleep I’m usually up for at least an hour. Of course since I don’t sleep well at night I crash in the afternoon. I end up taking a nap even when I don’t mean to. That ruins my sleep cycle, which means I stay up too late and then the whole thing starts all over again.

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OK, so what have I done to try and change this? I’ve forced myself to not nap. (When I can. Sometimes naps find me.) I’ve tried to watch less TV in bed and always set the timer so that if I drift awake it’s not on to fully rouse me. I’ve also taken my fair share of over the counter meds. I avoid the pain relief nighttime medicines because I don’t want to take pain medicines if I don’t actually have a need for the pain part of it. (Although, as a side note, the older I get the more I could probably justify the pain relief part on any given night…) I’ve taken lots and lots of things with diphenhydramine. It makes me pretty groggy. I’ve lowered the dose to about 1/4 and avoid the groggy part but it’s also not nearly as effective. I’ve also tried Melatonin and that really does help. My biggest problem is that I often forget to take it until right before bed (which is too late) and I still wake up in the middle of the night. (Is 4am the middle of the night? Or the crazy side of morning?)

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Enter Dream Water. I’m calling Dream Water my anti-energy shot. It’s got GABA and Melatonin. I already knew the Melatonin would help regulate my sleep cycle but GABA was new to me. GABA (or Gamma-aminobutyric Acid) is supposed to help a busy mind like mine relax.

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I tried Dream Water over two different nights. The first night I followed the instructions for someone who has trouble falling asleep and staying asleep. I drank half of the shot and then left the other half on my bedside table. I fell asleep within 40 minutes of drinking the first half of the shot. I woke up a few hours later (although I’m pretty sure that was because my phone alerted me to a new email) and took the second half of the shot. I slept through my usual 4 am wake up time and managed to stay asleep until about 6:30 am. (And because it was Sunday morning I rolled over and slept for two more hours!)
The next night I decided to try just half of the shot and hope for the best. I fell asleep within half an hour and slept until around 6:30 again! Not waking up in the middle of the night is unheard of for me.
So maybe you’re wondering what Dream Water tastes like. Snoozeberry is actually blueberry and pomegranate. The flavor reminded me of a vitamin enhanced water. (So it’s not like you’re taking a shot of cough syrup or something.)
I’ll be stocking up on Dream Water for Sunday nights when I’ve ruined my sleep cycle over the weekend. And for when I’ve got a busy day tomorrow and too much on my mind. And pretty much any time that I need to get a good night’s sleep. You can view my entire shopping trip in my Google + Album. Don’t forget to follow Dream Water on Twitter!

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  1. Mallery Schuplin says

    This is something I wish I would have known of before I started taking Xanax to turn my brain off before bed. Thank you so much for telling me about Dream Water!

  2. clgossett says

    I’ve never heard of GABA. I’ve tried lots of stuff over the years. I’m going to have to give this a shot…so to speak! 😉 I really need some sleep.

  3. Christine Mack says

    Wow. I’ve so not heard of this brand…or sleep medicine coming in that form. I’m going to buy some for my husband! Thanks for the post or I wouldn’t have even known about it.

  4. Amanda F says

    I haven’t heard of GABA either. I will look into it some more. I am all about using natural options. Having nursed for 4 years out of the last 4 1/2 I don’t sleep through the night anymore at all!

  5. BrandiJeter says

    Okay, this seems like a really good alternative to the supplements I use now. I’m really interested in trying it. Going to check it out and see if I get the same results as you do!

  6. Jillian Warner says

    OOoohhh..glad to hear it worked for you! You’re right on the taste – similar to one of those flavored waters. I tried Dream Water years ago while traveling but I can’t really say whether it helped or not since I was so turned upside down anyway. I’d like to try it again because while I fall asleep quickly I wake up a bunch of times each night so I never feel fully rested.

  7. says

    Hope it works for him, too! It’s definitely going to be a part of my Sunday nights when my weekend schedule ruins me for Monday!

  8. says

    I’m surprised I’d never heard of GABA, either since it worked so well for me with the Melatonin. I hear about Melatonin all of the time now!

  9. says

    I did a review for Dreamwater when they first came out some years back. I love that they are a NC company and I support them because I’m a NC girl. At the time it was really hard to find in the store you had to order it and it was pretty pricey that way. I love the taste and I’m happy it worked for you. I think it also worked for me but it’s been a few years since I’ve tried it.

  10. says

    I found it right with the sleep aids (which are on the pain relief aisle) at Target! I definitely think it’s worth having for Sunday nights and when I have travel plans. Those always get me wound up!

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