Spam is FUN!

By my estimation my net worth is floating somewhere between Mark Zuckerberg and Bill Gates.

Lottery, Foreign, Spam

Of course now that I have so much money I’m looking for safe investments.
Investment Proposal, Legit, Spam

I really don’t like the language in this email. 索取试用装 you, too!

Email, Foreign, Language

There are issues with my PayPal account. I’m assuming it’s thrown off by the large sums of money I’ve been winning from foreign lotteries? In any case, I can just “Relog” into my account and fix it all. (But I can’t reply to the email they sent. It will confuse the computer.)

PayPal, Email, Spam

I guess now that my money is working for me instead of me working for my money I can relax and take up hobbies like gardening. This is for a gardening product, right?

Email, Spam, Viagra, Viagrow

Yeah, I have no clue about the stuff after the link either…

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  1. Jemima Puddleduck says

    Well, if I had received that last email, I would assume some large Russians want to serve me in a castle. And I’d be cool with that.

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