White Chocolate Candy Corn M&Ms…And A Twitter Party! #MMsGetCorny

UPDATE: Patience is a virtue! Reward yourself with a printable coupon for M&Ms here!

I really love chocolate, I do. I can even prove it…Klout thinks I’m influential on the topic! Feel free to +K me on that one. It’s fine. I’ll wait.

OK, done? Awesome. Thanks for that. Now back to the topic of Chocolate. Did you know M&Ms have a new treat for you this Halloween? White Chocolate Candy Corn M&Ms are on the way to the shelves of Walmart as we speak.

Don’t worry, you can keep reading. Most Walmarts won’t have them until tomorrow. update: some stores have them, others are still waiting! No need to rush out now…but I do expect everyone to pick up a bag tomorrow and report back on how much you love them. I recommend a scale of 1-5 with 1 being “I love them so much I want to marry them” and 5 being “I could die happy right now, just fill my coffin with White Chocolate Candy Corn M&Ms”. 

As if this candy news wasn’t enough, I have even more! There’s going to be a super awesome Twitter Party to help kick off these sweet treats where we’re going to talk recipes and crafting.

Just head over here to RSVP. I’ll tweet you there! 
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  1. vloky says

    I am so excited for these! One of evans first words was a weird form of M&Ms which were his favorite thing, it sounded like a combo of yummy and M&M I can’t even say it, super cute though.

  2. Janet says

    Still looking for them here in San Diego area. Where are you located? Would be helpful to know where they are being shipped first.

  3. Pdvanw2 says

    Found them this afternoon at Wal-mart (Denver area). Very good. Bright colors. Taste like the delish Hershey Candy Corn Kisses.

  4. Beck_keeo says

    I bought some and don’t remember where. I didn’t have a clue how hard they would be to find. I must have bought them at WalMart it seems. I live in Fort Worth. Can’t find anymore. Dang it!

  5. Jasons_aunt says

    Heard about them in Georgia (and found them in Wal Mart) and traveled to Ohio and they had them in Wal Mart as well…YUM!!

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