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New Year, New Logo, New Trademark

Have you noticed any changes around here lately?

I’ve been slowly updating a few colors here and there, making little tweaks like changing my favicon. (That’s the little site icon you see on the tab or if your browsing history when you visit my page.) It’s all been in preparation for launching my new logo, designed by the super talented Tiffany Johnson. It kind of looks like washi tape and I totally love it.

I’ve actually had the logo in my hands for almost a month, and I’ve been dying to launch it…but I was waiting until I received the official word that my Trademark application was approved.


And on February 9th, that finally happened! See the little ® in the logo? I want to add it to all the things!

I’ve had a few people ask about the process, and for me it couldn’t have been easier. In my case, a quick search showed that my name hadn’t been trademarked already. (I mean, I figured it wouldn’t be trademarked, but…you never know.) I also looked around online and couldn’t find anything that I thought was a potential challenge. That made me believe that I could do it on my own and avoid lawyer fees.

I filled out the TEAS Plus Application, paid my $225 filing fee and waited. The entire process from start to finish took about seven months. Seven very long months. But today I officially have my trademark! You can send me a message if you have any questions about attempting your own trademark. Just know you’re getting answers from a non-lawyer who can only speak from her own personal experience.


But let’s get back to my new logo. Seriously, isn’t it the cutest thing ever? You should totally hire Tiffany

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