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20 Of The Best The Invisible Man Quotes

The Invisible Man is one wild ride of a movie. Did you catch all of those twists? Here are 20 of the best The Invisible Man quotes! Warning: I’m not providing any context, but some quotes might be slight spoilers.

That’s the furthest you’ve gone since you’ve been here, so as far as I’m concerned you just walked on the moon. -James Lanier

You’re here with us now and you’re safe. He’s gone. -Emily Kass

I told you to have goalzzz. Plural. -James Lanier

You’re going to fashion school, kid! -Cee Kass

He said that I could never leave him. That wherever I went he would find me. That he would walk right up to me, and I wouldn’t be able to see him, but that he’d leave me a sign so that I’d know he was there. -Cee Kass

He has figured out a way to be invisible. -Cee Kass

The only thing more brilliant than inventing something that makes you invisible is not inventing it and making you think he did. -Tom Griffin

You need some medication. Adrian is dead. -Emily Kass

I need that strength in my life right now and I need you to believe what I’m about to tell you. -Cee Kass

Even though things ended badly for you and Adrian, I still think of you as family. -Tom Griffin

You’re just the jellyfish version of him. Everything but the spine. -Cee Kass

You won’t get the baby and you won’t get me. -Cee Kass

Listen to me. He’s right behind you. -Cee Kass

Bang. -Griffin

He is not the victim here. -Cee Kass

This is what he does. He makes me feel like I’m the crazy one. -Cee Kass

I’ve learned my lesson. I would burn everything I own just to prove that to you. -Adrian Griffin

Just tell me the truth. I need to know that I’m not crazy. -Cee Kass

I’m the only one who can help you, remember? Because I know you better than anyone in the world. -Adrian Griffin

Surprise! -Cee Kass

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