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2017: A Digital Scrapbook

A look back on all of my adventures and favorite posts from 2017!

After the end of 2016, I posted a month by month look back on the previous year. I really loved that post. I had to do it again for 2017. You know, just for me. For memory keeping purposes. And for the five of you who will actually read this.

January 2017

Oh, January. You cold, slow month. You bring taxes and no travel and my lowest blog traffic. Basically, the only thing you have going for you is being the month of my bestie’s birthday. And honestly, that’s more about him than me. January? You’re the worst.

This January was noteworthy as the beginning of a pretty intense dedication to creating Beauty and the Beast crafts. I do love a good movie crafting theme.

My top post in January: Finding Dory Cookies (Decorating cookies is not my thing, which you’ll notice again in July…)

My favorite post in January: Beauty and the Beast Enchanted Rose Pendant

February 2017

Nothing terribly exciting happened in February. I did continue to obsess about all things Beauty and the Beast.

My top post in February: Printable Easter Bunny Candy Wrappers

My favorite post in February: Beauty and the Beast Magic Mirror (Told you I was obsessed.)

March 2017

In March I finally saw Beauty and the Beast. And I kept making stuff related to it.

My top post in March: Shamrock Slime

My favorite post in March: Beauty and the Beast Slime (I’m remarkably consistent. I also claim this as the origin of all future Disney slimes on the internet. I searched. I was first. I think.)

April 2017

April was FUN! I visited LA for the press junket and premiere of Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2. I wore a skirt with a remote control.

I had a dance lesson with the troupe from Dancing With The Stars. I added another Chris to my list, leaving Chris Pine as the only Chris I’m currently missing. Chris Pine-I will eventually get to you.

Also of note: the very hungry party bus, the escape room, and the Mexican bar dance party. Man, that was a fun trip.

My top post in April: DIY Lipsense Remover

My favorite post in April: S’Mores Fruit Dip (Seriously, the best stuff I’ve ever put in my mouth.)

Honorable mention goes to my Awesome Mix charms, which started my love of resin movie jewelry crafting.

May 2017

May was such a good month. I visited Busch Gardens in Williamsburg with my bestie and traveled down to Orlando for the Mom 2.0 Conference.

And you can’t go to Orlando without a stop at the parks, so I book-ended the trip with Magic Kingdom and Epcot visits.

My top post in May: DIY Lipsense Remover (Finally, a little repetition. Last year was much more redundant!)

My favorite post in May: Tangled Lantern Printable

June 2017

June. Was. Awesome. It started with a trip to Anaheim for the Cars 3 Premiere and a ton of time at Disneyland. Yes. I dressed like a checkered flag. If you can’t tell, I live for a theme.

The Cars 3 after party might forever be the world’s most fun premiere party. They closed down Cars Land for us. We rode Radiator Springs Racers a gazillion times. There were unlimited churros.

Later in the in the month, I headed to NYC for the Spider-Man: Homecoming press junket.

And while in NYC there was a side trip for a little Oscar Isaac stalking. Successful Oscar Isaac stalking. I literally couldn’t speak. He’s the only actor who’s left me completely speechless. Me speechless never happens.

My top post in June: Walt Disney World Dining: Be Our Guest

My favorite post in June: Cars 3 Charms (Another chance to fine-tune my resin jewelry skills.)

July 2017

July was a bit boring, but they can’t always be winners. I did attend Raleigh SuperCon, which was cool. Always go to the Michael Rooker Q&A. Always.

My top post in July: Birthday Cake Popcorn

My favorite post in July: It’s a tie! Thrifted Spider-Man: Homecoming Costume and No-Skill Emoji Cookies

The cookies were mostly about the video. 😂

August 2017

Happy birthday to me! In August I headed to San Francisco to visit the Pixar campus for the first time. We got an amazing behind the scenes look at the making of Coco, along with a visit to The Walt Disney Family Museum. Oh, and there was a pretty epic night at Trader Vic’s, too.

I also headed back to Virginia to visit Kings Dominion with my sisters and nieces. This was right before I turned another year older. Funnel cakes make excellent birthday cakes.

My top post in August: Mirror Bubble Wrap Phone Case

My favorite post in August: Luxo Ball Resin Charms I’m finally mastering resin!

September 2017

September was snoozville. Literally nothing happened. I basically just painted pumpkins the whole month.

My top post in September: Mirror Bubble Wrap Phone Case

My favorite post in September: Magical Unicorn Pumpkins

October 2017

I love October! It’s when my blog traffic starts to go kind of crazy. Halloween is second only to Christmas on my list of favorite holidays. Also, people start to make my ornaments. DIY ornaments are my favorite. Other really cool things happened in October, so consider this a placeholder for when I can share!

My top post in October: Disney Princess Ornaments

My favorite post in October: Orange Bird Pumpkin

November 2017

I headed back to LA in November for the Coco premiere. I’m still thinking about the margaritas and churros during that party.

And this picture will always be one of my favorites. 😂

I got a hug on interview day from Alanna Ubach when I mentioned how excited I was to interview Serena from Legally Blonde. She mentioned there might be a part three on the way. 😱

My top post in November: Disney Princess Ornaments

My favorite post in November: Christmas Ornament Wreath

December 2017

I always love December, even if I spend it manically making ornaments and wrapping gifts. This year I loved December even more than normal because I was in LA for The Last Jedi press junket! Another chance to be in the same room with Oscar Isaac. 😍  We stayed in a hotel with an elevator that made my ears pop, had amazing food, exchanged gifts…and I got to impress Fred Savage with my pirate knowledge.

But some serious bucket list checking went down at Disneyland. We had guides! We rode It’s A Small World Holiday! (Which is basically the most beautiful thing ever.) Best of all, I finally rode on Haunted Mansion Holiday. It’s pretty much my favorite ride now.


While I was in LA, I also found out that I had TWO pull quotes in the latest Pixar ad. Does this mean I can claim to be a legit entertainment journalist now?

My top post in December: Disney Princess Ornaments

My favorite post in December: Captain America Ornament

2017 wrapped up, as it always does, with family asking me what I had planned next. And I had the same answer: I have no idea. I’m pretty sure there’s more pumpkins and ornaments and slime on the way. I hope there are more chances to wear themed costumes on red carpets coming. There is one thing I know: I’m almost positive that I’ll be back here a year from now sharing it in my digital scrapbook for 2018. 🎉

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