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2019: A Digital Scrapbook

For the last four years I’ve created a digital scrapbook, just for me. But I always publish it on my blog, also just for me. The funny thing about getting older is just how easy things are to forget if you don’t write them down somewhere…

January 2019

January is normally a pretty boring month. My blog traffic tanks after the holidays, and there’s usually nothing exciting on the travel horizon. This January was different. I headed out to Rhode Island for the first time (I know, Rhode Island-in January!) to celebrate my friend Mel’s 40th birthday. It was freezing, but such a blast!

My top post in January: Spinach Artichoke Stuffed Mushrooms

My favorite post in January: Grinch Heart Soaps

February 2019

On the very last day of February, I headed to New Orleans. My friend Marshall picked the dates that worked best for his schedule for his bachelor party. Those dates just happened to fall on the weekend before Mardi Gras day. It was just a little bit crazy.

My top post in February: Spinach Artichoke Stuffed Mushrooms

My favorite post in February: Jack and Sally Easter Eggs

March 2019

I was still in New Orleans for the beginning of March so I’m going to claim that here, too.

My top post in March: Shamrock Slime

My favorite post in March: Spider-Verse Party Supplies

April 2019

April took me to Austin for the first time for the Mom 2.0 Conference. It was so much fun to hang out with friends and eat all of the queso. Seriously, Austin queso=love!

My top post in April: Raspberry Iced Tea

My favorite post in April: She-Ra Easter Eggs

May 2019

I didn’t have any travel lined up for March, but I did get to work on some fun movie-themed projects!

My top post in May: Raspberry Iced Tea

My favorite post in May: Detective Pikachu Piñata

June 2019

June was such a fun month for me thanks to a trip to Orlando for Toy Story 4! I decided the best way to start a trip to Walt Disney World was with a quick trip to Universal Studios.

Then we made it to the Magic Kingdom for a night of Disney Villains After Hours.

It wasn’t all time in the parks-although there was a lot of time in the parks. I was there to work. That means spending one of my days interviewing these guys.

My top post in June: Raspberry Iced Tea

My favorite post in June: Pixar Luxo Ball Earrings

July 2019

If anything happened in July, I’ve already forgotten about it.

I was still pretty busy cranking out my Toy Story 4 content, so it’s all good.

My top post in July: Firecracker Margarita

My favorite post in July: Forky T-Shirt

August 2019

I started off August-also known as my birthday month-with my annual sisters trip. My sisters, nieces and I head to a theme park every summer to celebrate, and this summer we headed back to Kings Dominion. One of these years I’m going to get Kyns-the little one on the far right-next to a character and on a big coaster!

One of my top goals for 2019 was making it to D23 Expo. I went back in 2015 when I was brand spanking new to entertainment writing and knew very few people. I wanted a do-over where I was confident in what I was doing and knew everyone. It also just happened to fall the weekend before my birthday. I twisted a few arms, pulled a few strings and made it happen. Best. Birthday. Ever. We also got in a first visit for Amanda, Leanette and myself to Batuu when we visited Disneyland and Galaxy’s Edge.

My top post in August: Raspberry Iced Tea

My favorite post in August: Black Widow Belt

September 2019

I had another trip to Florida in September. This time to Fort Lauderdale for my friend Leanette’s 40th birthday. (Seriously, so many 40th birthdays this year!)

I was heading west for a wedding in early October, but the stars aligned and I was able to get there a week early and attend the premiere of Maleficent.

My top post in September: Parmesan Pizza Seasoning

My favorite post in September: Mysterio Cupcake

October 2019

Since I was already in LA for the first week of October thanks to the Maleficent premiere falling on the last day of September, my friends and I really made the most of it. We started off by heading to a taping of The Price Is Right.

We then headed to a taping of The Kelly Clarkson Show.

Next up? A visit to Universal Studios to check out Jurassic World.

After that, a quick stop at I Like Scary Movies.

Then there was the actual wedding day. And yeah, I should have probably used a photo for the wedding that included the happy couple, but whatever…I really like this photo.

Before I headed home, I even made time for a quick trip to the Freeform Halloween House.

Back on the East Coast, I took my bestie to Howl-O-Scream over at Busch Gardens Williamsburg. I was chased by scary clowns. It was awesome.

My top post in October: Buzz and Woody Pumpkins

My favorite post in October: Forky Pumpkin

November 2019

I kicked off November with a trip to Nashville with my team from work. Although there are lots of photos I could share, I’m going to share the one of me wiping up my second spilled Bushwhacker because it totally cracks me up. You can’t take me anywhere…

November also took me back to Busch Gardens with my bestie to check out press day for Christmas Town. And yes, Santa did confirm we’d been very good all year.

My top post in November: Spinach Artichoke Stuffed Mushrooms

My favorite post in November: Metallic Pumpkin Luminaries

December 2019

I ended the year staying in North Carolina the entire month of December. I also pushed myself more than I can ever remember when I took on a gingerbread project for DreamWorks.

I can make a gingerbread barn! Who knew?

My top post in December: Spinach Artichoke Stuffed Mushrooms

My favorite post in December: Spirit Riding Free Gingerbread Paddock

So What’s Happening In 2020?

Now that we’re in 2020, I can’t wait to see what the year has in store. I’m heading back to Disney World with friends in February. This trip includes my first ever cruise. I’m heading to Vegas with friends in March. I’ve promised my bestie we’d go somewhere fun this year, too. I’ll be back to tell you all about it in 360ish days or so!

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