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The Last Hairdryer You’ll Ever Need: The Conair Q3

Conair 3Q Hair DryerBeautyStatI have exactly one head and yet I’m the proud owner of three-yes, three-hair dryers. Fun fact: all of my hair dryers are from Conair. I was totally happy with the hair dryer I was using, but when Beautystat asked me if I wanted to try the Infiniti Pro by Conair® 3Q™, I jumped at the chance. Why? Well…my hair…takes…forever to dry. For-ev-er. I could bore you with the stories about mornings where the ‘rent in charge told me to go back and dry my hair just a little longer. But…I won’t. Needless to say, the possibility of a 70% reduction in dry time when compared to the T3 dryer model 83808 had me super excited.

The dry time is reduced by the brushless motor technology, providing Quick airflow. It also has a patent pending noise reduction technology that makes it 40% more Quiet than it would be without this tech. It also has a life that’s up to 10X longer compared to standard dryers thanks to magnets and electronics that power the motor, making it crazy high Quality.  Quick, Quiet and Quality…that’s where the 3Q gets it’s name.

The Infiniti Pro by Conair® 3Q™ comes with diffuser and concentrator attachments. It’s also got a really cool locking cold shot button for setting styles. It’s priced at $119.99, and it’s available in 15,000 U.S. stores, including Target, Walgreens, Ulta, Walmart, Rite Aid, CVS and Bed, Bath And Beyond.

Conair Q3 Buttons

So, the big question: does it do everything it says it’s going to do? And…the answer is  yes. Well, for at least two of the three. I can’t really say how long the dryer is going to last. Come back after it’s been in use for 5,000 hours and we’ll talk. But quieter? Absolutely! I took out both of my other dryers and tried them all back to back. The Q3 was the quietest. Hands down. Don’t get me wrong…it’s not a silent dryer. I’m pretty sure there’s no such thing. But it’s definitely a quieter dryer. Quicker? Heck yeah! My hair that as previously mentioned soaks up water like a sponge is dry in just a few minutes. It’s been my go-to dryer every day since I got it in my hands. I actually love it so much that I’m giving up precious, precious carry on space to take it with me on vacation next month. Why? Because I’d rather enjoy my vacation than spend 30 minutes drying my hair with one of those tiny hotel hair dryers…

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