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44 Magical Uses For A Magic Eraser

This review was made possible by iConnect and Mr. Clean. I was provided the featured product and compensations to facilitate this post, but all opinions are 100% mine.

Magical Uses for Magic ErasersI have a confession. I don’t clean my own house. It started back when I was working full time outside of the home, along with two to three other blog and social media related jobs at the same time. I literally had no time to clean. I purchased a daily deal from an online site for one cleaning, then quickly negotiated my way into a year of cleaning service. And then another. And now another. The funny thing is, I’ve quit working outside of the home and I’m still as busy as ever. Having someone help clean every three weeks is a luxury I’ve worked into my budget.

The problem is most cleaning services don’t do a deep clean. Sure, the kitchens and bathrooms are scrubbed down, but all of those major cleaning projects are still on me. Baseboard scrubbing? Wall mark removing? Inside appliance cleaning? All mine. That’s why Mr. Clean Magic Erasers are one of my favorite things.

The Magic Uses for Magic Eraser

I’ll never understand exactly how walls and cabinet fronts get those mysterious marks and scuffs, but they’re everywhere. At least they are until I give them a gentle swipe with a Magic Eraser. Then they’re gone…kind of like magic.

Of course that’s just the start of what you can do with a Magic Eraser…

  1. Clean scuffs off walls.
  2. Take stains off cabinet doors.
  3. Remove dirt from baseboards.
  4. Polish up dirty switch plates.
  5. Remove coffee and tea stains from mugs.
  6. Take permanent marker off of a dry ease board.
  7. Get rid of sticky residue on your vent hood.
  8. Remove scuffs on vinyl dolls.
  9. Clean off label residue.
  10. Get crayon off walls.
  11. Remove paint from sink after cleaning paint brushes.
  12. Clean outdoor grills and grates.
  13. Remove dried spray paint over-spray.
  14. Take scuffs off shoes.
  15. Clean outdoor plastic furniture and toys.
  16. Remove hairspray from bathroom walls and mirrors.
  17. Take paint scuffs off cars.
  18. Clean inside of microwave.
  19. Remove tarnish from silver.
  20. Cut through soap scum on showers and baths.
  21. Clean keyboards and monitors.
  22. Remove stains from luggage.
  23. Clean glass bakeware.
  24. Removes stains from inside of fridge and freezer.
  25. Polishes hubcaps.
  26. Clean grout.
  27. Blot stains from clothing with a cloth behind it.
  28. Remove hair dye drips from floors and countertops.
  29. Clean dirty coolers.
  30. Remove shoe scuffs from floors.
  31. Clean faucets in bathrooms and kitchens.
  32. Remove rust.
  33. Clean siding and gutters.
  34. Remove bugs from front of car.
  35. Clean inside of slow cooker.
  36. Polish inside of oven doors.
  37. Clean dirty bicycles.
  38. Polish cell phone screen.
  39. Remove lime stains.
  40. Clean the inside of dishwashers.
  41. Remove tomato sauce stains from inside of plastic containers.
  42. Clean microfiber and suede furniture.
  43. Remove nail polish spills.
  44. Clean soot from candle jars.

Of course remember not to scrub too hard and test it out first in an inconspicuous spot first before trying any of these ideas.

Magic Eraser Extra Power

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