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A Blog Conference Packing List

I feel like I should start out by saying that this is not the packing list for everyone. (Although it should be!) It’s just that the special requests for SoFabCon are coming in quickly. I’ve already accepted that this trip will involve a checked bag. And apparently that checked bag is going to be my biggest suitcase. So what’s making the trip to Arkansas with me?

Hello Kitty Karaoke

There will be Hello Kitty Karaoke night. And it will be awesome. (Rumor has it someone will be singing while wearing a chub suit… Yeah, I don’t get it either.)
Why marshmallows, you ask? For the chubby bunny competition, of course. You’re not surprised that there’s a chubby bunny competition, are you?
Local Wine
There’s going to be an epic Wine With Mallery video and there needs to be some North Carolina representation. (There will be a lot of North Carolina representation.)
Gel Nail Supplies
Apparently I’ll also get my Madge on at SoFabCon. I’ll be bringing my whole nail stash. Book your appointment now. (They’re filling up fast!)
Other Stuff
I suppose I’m going to have to find room in my bags somewhere for other things. You know, clothes, shoes. Maybe some makeup? Anything else I’m missing? I need to know. There’s just a little over two months left to pack!
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