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A Closer Look At The New Season Of Quantico

I participated in this Q&A as part of the Marvel-hosted #InfinityWarEvent.

After almost a year, Quantico is back on ABC with all new episodes for Season 3. What’s been happening in that time? A lot. The show began last week following a timeline that was three years after the last episode. “We’ve come to expect certain things on the shows that we all love,” says Executive Producer and Showrunner Michael Seitzman. “At the end of Season 2, Ryan and Alex flew off into the sunset together. And what’s left?” A time jump gave them the opportunity to shake things up and surprise the audience.

Season 3 also introduces Marlee Matlin’s character Jocelyn Turner. She became involved with the show after meeting Michael at a party. “He says, ‘Oh, I love you. Let’s put you on a show.’ He really honored his promise of putting me on a show.”

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Marlee was an immediate fan of her character. “I have to give Michael credit because he’s one of the few people in Hollywood who understands how to use someone like myself, who understands not to dwell on the disability.” 

“We had Marlee come in in the beginning and sit with all the writers,” says Michael. “She spent a lot of time with us, teaching us about her.

“I felt that the writers needed to see me in person and to get a feel for who I am,” agrees Marlee.  “Just to be able to pick up the different situations that I might find myself in and the situations that I’ve been in in my life or what I envisioned could happen as a result of the character that I’m playing.”

Another benefit of the time jump? It’s a perfect time for new viewers to begin watching the show. “What I love is that this season you don’t have to have seen the other seasons to watch this season,” says Marlee.

“The way that we introduce and pull all the characters together should feel very satisfying if you’re a loyal viewer,” agrees Michael. “But at the same time, you should feel like you can enter right here.”

You can catch Quantico on Thursdays at 10|9c on ABC or streaming or on the app.

About tonight’s episode:

“Fear and Flesh” – In tracking down the origin of a deadly strain of tuberculosis threatening Americans, Agent Ryan Booth must go undercover and infiltrate a white supremacist organization – an assignment that threatens the life of another member of the team, on ABC’s “Quantico,” airing THURSDAY, MAY 3 (10:00–11:00 p.m. EDT), on The ABC Television Network, streaming and on demand.
Alan Powell joins the cast of “Quantico” as Agent Mike McQuigg.
“Quantico” stars Priyanka Chopra as Alex Parrish, Jake McLaughlin as Ryan Booth, Johanna Braddy as Shelby Wyatt, Russell Tovey as Harry Doyle, Alan Powell as Mike McQuigg, with Marlee Matlin as Jocelyn Turner and Blair Underwood as Owen Hall.
Guest starring are Erik Jensen as Damon Grosch, Amber Skye Noyes as Celine Fox and Vandit Bhatt as Jagdeep “Deep” Patel.
“Fear and Flesh” was written by Dave Kalstein and directed by Alex Kalymnios.
Executive producers include Michael Seitzman, who is also the series showrunner; Russell Lee Fine, Adam Armus, Robert Sert

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