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A Look Back At Raleigh Supercon 2017

I’ve never been to a con-unless you count D23 Expo. There I was totally in my element. I know my Disney. I know my MCU. I know my Star Wars. Every other fandom? Not so much.  On a whim, I requested press passes for Raleigh Supercon and headed downtown last weekend to check things out.

First impression? This is so much bigger than I expected. And there’s shopping. So much shopping. That’s my happy place.

I wanted to see some amazing Cosplay, and I got to see some amazing Cosplay. There was a touch of Disney present, with this Steampunk Ariel, along with a few others I spotted on the floor.

Horror was lightly represented, but this Jason was pretty spot on. Like scarily spot on.

There was plenty of Marvel in the house, including a ton of Guardians. There were so many Guardians that they brought them on stage before the Michael Rooker Q&A.

Of course, I’ll always have a soft spot for Baby Groot.

But this Groot and Rocket pairing was absolutely my favorite of the day.

I attended a few Q&As while I was there. I headed into LeVar Burton’s because I’m such a huge fan of Reading Rainbow. I fully expected wall to wall Star Trek questions, but I was pleasantly surprised by how many of the questions were Reading Rainbow-related.

After that, I wasn’t surprised when Gaten Matarazzo was asked a few Broadway questions. Most of his questions were related to Stranger Things, though.

And now let me write a little love letter to Michael Rooker. His Q&A-by far-was my favorite part of the day. I had the chance to interview him earlier in the year along with Sean Gunn and I loved him. After attending his Q&A, I love him even more. Seriously, if you’re ever anywhere where Michael Rooker is going to be, go see him. Just maybe skip asking him about Mary Poppins. It’s been done.

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