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A Security Camera You Charge Once A Year

Thank you to eufy for sending me their eufyCam E to review!

I love smart home devices and have a fairly eclectic collection of them around the house. The eufyCam E is the third security camera I’ve checked out, and it has some unique features that make it a real standout.

The main selling point for the eufyCam E is the amazing 365 day battery life. One full charge is projected to last an entire year, which is basically unheard of. I’ve only had the camera for a week, so while I can’t speak to the accuracy of that claim, even if it only provides six months of battery life I’m still impressed.

The camera can be used indoors and out, and comes with a magnetic base for indoor installation and a screw on base for secure outdoor mounting.

The only (very minor) drawback to the eufyCam E is that it requires the included HomeBase E, which needs to be connected to a router. The need for a gateway of some sort is more common than not for smart devices. If you have a random assortment of smart home gear like me, that means having multiple devices to accommodate at your router. (Shoutout to my new mesh Wi-Fi network that now gives me multiple router points for connection, making this a bit easier.) Storage on the HomeBase requires a MicroSD card, which is already included and installed. Optional cloud storage is also available.

Setup of the HomeBase and eufyCam were extremely easy using the app. It’s available for free in the App Store and Google Play. It will walk you through the entire process step by step. Once your eufyCam and HomeBase have been activated, you can also update your settings within the app. The app even includes a handy  mounting guide.

Pluses for the eufyCam E? It has amazingly long battery life, super easy installation and the microSD card for storage is included. Minuses? The only negative I can think of is the need to accommodate the HomeBase at your router. (Something that will be an issue with most security cameras.)

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