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A Shabby Chic Easter Party

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Create a Shabby Chic Easter Party featuring Snack Pack pudding! #SnackPackMixins #adWhile I’ve been out shopping I’ve spotted more and more faux vintage items that are really speaking to me. “Put me in your shopping cart, lady. Who cares if you don’t have any current use for me. You need me in your house if you have any chance for future happiness.” Please don’t tell me I’m alone in hearing voices when I shop…if I am, I don’t want to know it.

Planning a party for Easter was the perfect excuse to indulge my shopping habit with some new (but they don’t look it) pieces. As a bonus, those pieces totally stopped talking to me when they entered my house. Coupled with some easy to make desserts, they made for a fun shabby chic Easter party plan. Plates and NapkinsI used a painted chicken wire basket to hold plates and napkins. The basket will be making it’s way into my office for storage very soon. CupcakesIt’s not a party without cupcakes, so I used my Silhouette to create some cute bunny wrappers from cardstock. I created a cupcake display with two depression glass cake stands. To save time I picked up cupcakes from the bakery. There’s nothing wrong with taking a party shortcut here and there!Snack Pack CupsI resized those same wrappers to create covers for my Snack Pack puddings. I love the vintage-look papers I used for these. I’ve also come to realize I have a cardstock hoarding issue. It’s not my fault, though. It’s always on sale…
Sprinkles and Cookie CrumbsSnack Pack‘s now have easy open lids. That means it’s easier than ever to mix in some special flavors with your pudding. A fun topping bar was totally in order. Sprinkles

Egg cups were perfect for holding the sprinkles. I also love the tiny silver tasting spoons-they’re the perfect size for serving sprinkles. Milk Glass BowlsSmall milk glass bowls held ground Nilla Waffers, Oreos and Honey Maid Graham Crackers.
Snack Pack Crumbs They all made great pudding toppings-and there’s no reason you need to stick to just one! Glass BowlsI didn’t grind up all of the Nilla Waffers, Oreos and Honey Maid Graham Crackers, though. I saved a few for snacking on in their original form.
Reddi wipEven the Reddi-wip got a party makeover. Just a quick paper sleeve and it was Shabby Chic Easter Party-ready!

Create a Shabby Chic Easter Party featuring Snack Pack pudding! #SnackPackMixins #adI personally recommend going all-in with your Snack Pack. If you’re going to go for all of the crumb toppings, why not give a healthy dose of Reddi-wip. It’s the perfect foundation for your sprinkles! Yes…all the sprinkles.

Shabby Chic Easter Party

Finish off your party plan with more decorations-like a Happy Easter banner, some lace table throws and a few bunnies from around the house. You do have bunnies around the house, right? That’s not just me? Snack Pack at WalmartStock up on everything you need for a fun Snack Pack Mixins party at Walmart-You can find them in the snack aisle. Grab the coupon before you head out!Easter Party

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