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A Sparkly Halloween Entryway

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Cat Candle

I love everything about Halloween. I love the weather getting cooler. I love the days getting shorter. I love the decorations making they way out of the attic for the first time. It’s hard to see Halloween displays in stores and not bring something home. This year I wanted to combine my love of Halloween with my love of sparkle when it was time to decorate my entryway.

I started by adding an overlay of silver netting to my black console table. I thought it gave some sparkle and looked a bit like spiderwebs. It helped to create some contrast between the black table and my black accessories like the black cat silhouette votive holder.

Green Pumpkin

I loved the glittery pumpkins I picked up at the craft store. The bright green was a little non-traditional for Halloween, but totally my style. Yankee Candle

I like using candles any time, but there’s something that seems to be especially appropriate when you mix candles into your Halloween decor.
Glitter SpiderOne of my favorite touches was also the easiest. I picked up glitter covered spiders from the craft store in black, pink and orange. I’m normally pretty darn terrified of spiders, but these I like. I scattered them throughout my display, including climbing up the walls.

It was easy to attach the spiders anywhere I wanted them using removable glue dots. The dots made them easy to attach and they’ll remove without damage once the season is over.

Now I just need to remember they aren’t real when I walk through the hall late at night!

Yes, I know it’s not traditional to think a glitter covered spider is real, but, you know…when it’s dark you can’t see the glitter. It’s just a little shadow on the wall…

Have I mentioned how much I normally dislike spiders?

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