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A Wrinkle In Time Shopping Guide

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I’m counting down the days until A Wrinkle In Time is in theaters. (Well, actually, I’m first counting down the days until I’m in LA for the A Wrinkle In Time premiere!)  I’ve been obsessed with the movie from the moment it was first announced. I’m also obsessed with the new A Wrinkle In Time merchandise available at shopDisney. It’s also a great time to shop during their Friends & Family event. You can save 25% online and in-store with code: DISNEYPAL. (Some restrictions apply.) 
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The Mrs. Which Doll

This 11 1/4” high Barbie Signature Doll is at the top of my A Wrinkle In Time Wishlist! Isn’t she gorgeous?

The Mrs. Whatsit Doll

Of course, if I get Mrs. Which, I’m gonna need Mrs. Whatsit. That dress, tho! So beautiful.

Mrs. Who

And honestly, who could forget Mrs. Who? Every doll is more gorgeous than the last. I absolutely need all of the dolls.

Each doll is currently available for pre-order at shopDisney.

Who & Which & Whatsit Shirt

I’m absolutely and totally obsessed with the A Wrinkle In Time names shirt. Obsessed. Like so obsessed I’m going to need this a sticker for my laptop, too.

Opening Line T-Shirt

And because no one can forget the opening line of A Wrinkle In Time, so no one will forget the inspiration for this t-shirt.

A Wrinkle In Time Jornal

Can you have too many journals? The answer is absolutely no. There’s no such thing as too many journals.

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Take a look at some of the beautiful merchandise available celebrating Disney's A Wrinkle In Time!

Don’t forget to shop for all of your favorites at shopDisney during their friends and family event. You can save 25% online and in-store with code: DISNEYPAL. The code is valid until 2/19/18. Some restrictions apply, and the discount does not apply to the collectible dolls.

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