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Alice Through The Looking Glass Bangles

Through The Looking Glass Bangles

Making jewelry is one of my favorite hobbies, but I constantly let it get pushed to the side in favor of other projects. At least that was the case until I fell down an internet shopping rabbit hole. (See what I did there?) One White Rabbit charm on eBay later and suddenly I have the supplies to outfit a small army with their own Alice Through The Looking Glass bangles. Which of course I needed to go with the two Alice-themed necklaces I already own.
Charms and Bangle

Even if you’re a jewelry making newbie, I promise this is a project you can make. It’s mostly about the sourcing of the supplies. In this case, I bought them all from eBay after doing an online search for every Alice-themed charm I could think of. I also bought the bangles from eBay, too. Everything basically came from eBay, from overseas vendors. That means that you’ll have a few weeks to wait when you order your own. And don’t worry-they’re all ridiculously inexpensive. No worries that you’ll grow broke buying all the charms. Jump Rings

Other than charms and bangles, you’ll need a bunch of jump rings and some jewelry pliers. Working with jump rings is easy. Just make sure you open the jump rings from side to side rather than pulling them open. When you pull open a jump ring it will warp it and it won’t close securly. Turning it from side to side maintains the shape.

Jump Ring Closed

Line up your charms and attach them to the bangle with jump rings.

Back Of Charm

Some charms have a clear front and back, so make sure you line everything up so they’re all facing the same direction.

Alice Through The Looking Glass Bangle

When I finished my bangles, I gave them all a quick coat of poly sealer. I figured with what I paid for the charms and bangles, they’re not exactly sterling silver. Some sealer should extend their life a bit.

Through The Looking Glass Bangle

After that they’re ready to wear! And they’re perfect for when you see Alice Through The Looking Glass. It hits theaters on May 27th!

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