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Am I @lilac_the_bunny or @asthebunnyhops?

Twitter HandlesI have a fairly consistent social media presence. At least I think I do. On every channel I use I’m either “asthebunnyhops” or my name. Instagram, Facebook, Tumblr, StumbleUpon-all those urls end in “as the bunny hops”. On LinkedIn, Google+ and my personal Facebook page it’s my name. YouTube is a weird outlier-I have “asthebunnyhops” and “asthebunnyhopsdotcom” and use the later. But if you’re actually looking on my channel you see my name. Yeah, YouTube frightens and confuses me.

But what’s really the issue? What’s really causing me to consider my names across social media? It’s Twitter. My Twitter handle existed long before this blog. It’s the name of a favorite stuffed animal. And it stuck. When I started my blog the name actually came from my Twitter handle. Yeah, I probably should have been a little more thoughtful about it all, but here we are. It’s almost four years later and I’m still blogging and I’m still @lilac_the_bunny. But is it time for a change?

Being @lilac_the_bunny hasn’t been without it’s issues. People tweet to @asthebunnyhops all of the time hoping to talk to me. I actually have that handle, too, so I do get to see those tweets. It’s caused “brand confusion”, I guess you could say. More than once I’ve been promoted on Twitter by the wrong handle. I’ve even had at least one case of press materials going out with the wrong name printed on them. So I find myself asking again…is it time to change?

Would it create even more brand confusion if I changed my official Twitter handle to @asthebunnyhops? And what about all of those business cards I have with @lilac_the_bunny? Should I just wait until after conference season is over? And who is going to make my social icons point in the right direction? I’m scared to touch the back end of my blog.

And yes, I totally realize that if this is the biggest problem I have, then I’m a pretty lucky girl. And I really am lucky. I know that. But anyway, you should tell me…should I stick with @lilac_the_bunny or change it to @asthebunnyhops?

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