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American Girl Melody Ellison-Inspired Record Charms

Thank you to American Girl for providing the doll and accessories featured in this post.


American Girl has announced their newest BeForever character, Melody Ellison. She’s a 9-year old growing up in Detroit, Michigan. During the civil rights movement of the 1960s, she lifts her voice for equality. Ensuring historical accuracy and cultural authenticity was important, so American Girl worked for over two years with a six-member advisory board to review and provide input on all aspects of Melody’s development.

My favorite part of any American Girl collection are the accessories that are available in addition to the doll. In addition to some amazingly cute-and authentic-60s style clothing and furniture, Melody has her own microphone, piano and recording studio! I wanted to celebrate Melody’s love of music by creating some retro record charms.


To create your own record charms you’ll need black clay as well as clay in whatever color you’d like to use for your record label. You’ll also need something round to cut your clay. You may be able to find something that will work around the house. I used small cookie cutters.

Start by conditioning your clay. That just means kneading it in your hands until it’s soft and easy to work with. Roll out your black clay and cut the record shapes.


Cut out the center where your record label will be. I found it easier to marry the label with the record if I made the label slightly thicker than the record.

Place the clay label in the center of your record and gently smooth things together. You can use your fingertip or something flat like a craft stick to smooth things out. Use light pressure to avoid warping the shape.


Finish by adding a small hold in the center of your record. If you used oven bake clay, bake it according to package directions. For air dry clay, place it in a cool dry place until it’s set.


To turn your mini album into a pendant, glue a jewelry bail to the back of the charm. Use a strong adhesive like E600. (Parents should do the gluing!)


Slip the record charm on a chain and it’s ready to wear. Don’t forget to make one for Melody to wear, too!

Find out what girls are lifting their voice for in the Lift Your Voice with Melody video. You can share your own inspiring videos and photos to show how you make a difference with the #LiftYourVoice hashtag.  Visit American Girl retail stores for free Melody-inspired events for girls ages 8 and up that include free crafts, 1960s music, food and a free gift.



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