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Annie Potts Is Back In Toy Story 4

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Previously a secondary character, and missing altogether in Toy Story 3, Bo Peep finally gets her star turn in Toy Story 4. Even Annie Potts, voice of Bo, didn’t fully understand the importance of her role until this earlier this year because of the time involved in making the film.

“I’ve been working on this for over 4 years, so I wasn’t quite sure what to expect when I saw it,” says Potts. “I was sort of knocked out when I saw  what they had created.”  

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That’s not to say that she didn’t have doubts when she realized just how big a role Bo Peep had in this film. Her thoughts on the way to the first screening of the film? “You’re gonna be the first Actor that completely screwed up a Pixar Movie. Just accept it now before you go in, that could be you.” But after she finally saw the movie? “I’m pretty sure I didn’t screw it up. I think they’re too good to have let that happen. But it’s a big responsibility.”

That doesn’t mean she had any hesitation in picking up her Bo Peep staff. “When Pixar calls, you say yes.” 

©2019 Disney•Pixar

This time around, Bo Peep has an all-new look, and Annie Potts was excited when she first saw it. “She’d had some limitations before being a lamp. Once they got her off the base, all bets were off,” according to Potts. “She’s very sassy. [She] ripped off her skirt, uses it as a cape. Even though this isn’t a Superhero Movie, her super powers are her heart and her courage.”

Bo also has a sidekick this time around, tiny Giggle McDimples. “It’s a metaphor for your Bestie who’s always right there to hear the best and the worst of what’s going on with you,” says Potts.

Jennifer Borget | Cherish 360

Potts is still overwhelmed with just how big the Toy Story franchise has become. “I was in a boat going down a remote area of the Amazon. There was a little boy playing on the banks of the river, and he had on a t-shirt that said “Toy Story” with Woody on the front…This thing is so much bigger than any of us could ever have imagined.” She’s also looking forward to sharing the films with her future grandchildren. “It makes me feel so good to think that in the not too distant future, maybe my Granddaughter will be holding a doll whose string she can always pull and my voice will be there with her.”

Toy Story 4 is in theaters now!

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