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Watch Out For Sandworms This Halloween When You Make Your Own Beetlejuice-Inspired Wreath

Beetlejuice inspired wreath on dusty purple background.

A few years ago I made a cute little snowman wreath with black and white ribbon. I loved it, but it never left the storage bin once I made my vintage ornament wreath. I decided Halloween was the perfect time to give that old wreath a new lease on life. This time it has an over-the-top Beetlejuice theme!

How To Make A Beetlejuice Wreath

Beetlejuice inspired wreath supplies on dusty purple background.

The base of the wreath is made by wrapping a foam wreath form with black and white striped ribbon, securing it in the back with floral pins. This is a bit time-consuming and fiddly, as you really do need to go slowly and carefully to make sure the ribbon is neatly and evenly applied. Although I made my original wreath a few years ago, I can confirm after a visit yesterday that Michaels still has the black and white striped ribbon.

Once the wreath form is covered, it’s all about the decoration. I naively thought a couple of Halloween floral bundles from the Dollar Tree would be more than enough to zhuzh up the wreath. I popped off the flower heads and got to hot gluing. When I was finished, I stepped back and said, “What have I done?” It was sad and uninspired.

DIY sandworms and lime green floral pick on dusty purple background.

A quick trip back to Dollar Tree scored me a bag of spiders with lime green glittered backs and two more bunches of Halloween flowers. At Michaels, I found a lime green floral pick that looked a bit like seaweed.

I hit up my Halloween goodie bag stash for three black rubber snakes. Using red and white paint pens, I turned those snakes into sandworms. It takes a few coats of the paint pen to get good coverage on your sandworms, so be patient when you’re making your own!

Beetlejuice inspired wreath on dusty purple background.

Once my sandworms were dry, it was time to go back to decorating. I placed the flowers first, then went back to tuck in extra leaves and bits of the floral pick. Spiders were glued anywhere I saw a too much empty space. Each sandworm was cut in half, then the heads and tails were scattered throughout the wreath.

Beetlejuice inspired wreath closeup on dusty purple background.

I gotta say, the sandworms are definitely my favorite part of the whole thing. This is a more is more situation, so when you’re making your own wreath, just keep adding more stuff until you’re totally happy. I gotta say, I’m totally happy with mine!

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