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Behind The Scenes Of Dr. Ken

A visit to the set of Dr. Ken was part of the Disney hosted #MoanaEvent.


Visiting an active set is always fun, but it was an absolute blast to hang out with the cast of Dr. Ken!


We were able to take pictures and explore the set for a bit, but we were soon joined by everyone on the cast who took the time to have a little fun with us.


Meeting Jonathan Slavin was cool, but I have to say early 90s me was dying at meeting Dave Foley.


They even joined us for a quick panel about their upcoming episode! They want to make sure that every episode is funny, but rooted in reality. Ken Jeong’s wife is a practicing physician and actually helped with some of the medical dialogue on the show. And of course Jeong himself is a licensed (but not practicing) physician. Fun fact: we both attended UNC Chapel Hill at the same time! (Although he was in medical school while I was undergrad.)

And speaking of upcoming episodes…get a sneak peek at tonight’s episode “D.K.’s New Girlfriend”!

When D.K. overhears Allison complain about him overstaying his welcome, he decides to move in with his girlfriend of three weeks. Meanwhile, Pat wants Dave to pretend he’s his adopted son; and Allison is convinced Molly wants to talk about something when she suggests they do a spa day, but the tables turn when Molly is the one doling out the advice, on Friday, December 2 (8:31-9:00 p.m. EST), on the ABC Television Network.
Dr. Ken stars Ken Jeong as Dr. Ken, Suzy Nakamura as Allison, Tisha Campbell Martin as Damona, Jonathan Slavin as Clark, Albert Tsai as Dave, Krista Marie Yu as Molly, Dana Lee as D.K. and Dave Foley as Pat.

Catch Dr. Ken Friday nights at 8:30pm on ABC and keep up with Dr. Ken on Facebook and Twitter!

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