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Behind The Music Video: A Kia Stinger, Friends, And Some Really Cool Stairs #TheNewKia

I'll tell you what I want, what I really really want: A behind the scenes look at the making of our Kia Stinger music video. On Tuesday, I boarded a plane to San Diego. Ya know, work stuff. Kia invited a group of influencers (including me) to experience the Kia Stinger as part of a music-themed event. They also said there would be a music video contest…

Zigazig Ah Kia Stinger Music VIdeo

My crew was assembled before the digital ink was dry on that announcement. I mentioned the Spice Girls, fully expecting a chorus of, “Yeah, but no really, what song should we do?” Instead, we were assigning characters and talking about where to find the best steps in San Diego.

PS: The best steps in San Diego are actually in the amphitheater at Mt. Helix Park. You’re welcome.

The Kia Stinger Music Video

I have a Monica Geller-wide competitive streak. So when you encourage me? It’s on. We are DOING THIS THING.

And sometimes magic happens. Like when your friend says she can’t do the back handspring you are demanding of her, but suddenly she’s doing pushups into a box of donuts.

And sometimes you realize you over-estimated your editing speed and abilities, and a same-day, 5pm deadline is looming…

So it’s time to jump into hyperspeed and let a few things go to get things done.

You realize it’s ok if you aren’t perfect. After all, the Kia Stinger is really the star of the show. That Tiger Nose grill, tho! ❤

So you finally have to say THE THING is DONE, hit submit and hope for the best. And really, really, really hope that all of your smack talk about how extra you were going to be on this doesn’t come back to haunt you…

Cielo Roth Photography

Reader, I married him we won! I’d like to thank the Academy, The Spice Girls, Krispy Kreme, my co-stars… Don’t stop believing, kids. Never. Stop. Believing.

Special thanks to the team at Kia for an awesome time, an awesome car and for inviting some really, really, really awesome friends along for the ride. 

Oh, and about that video…

If Ya Wannabe My Stinger

As The Bunny Hops®