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Busch Gardens Williamsburg Favorites

Thank you to Busch Gardens for providing me with media tickets during my trip.

A few weeks ago I spent an unseasonably cool and windy day hanging out with the bestie at Busch Gardens Williamsburg. Apparently I’m really good at picking the cold days for my trips. Whatever the weather, Busch Gardens is always one of my favorite places to visit. From the amazing rides to the beautiful scenery, there’s plenty to look at and do all around the park.

One of my favorite finds on this trip was Les Frites. Located in France, at Les Frites you’ll find fresh cut fries with a variety of toppings. The servings are perfect to share as a snack or eat solo as a meal.

The animals at Busch Gardens are always worth a visit. The beautiful Clydesdale horses are waiting to greet you in Highland Stables. You can also visit with blackface sheep and border collies over in Scotland.

No visit to Busch Gardens would be complete without a visit to Lorikeet Glen.

Pick up a cup of nectar in the gift shop and you’ll have as many feathered friends as you can handle. Don’t worry, though. They’re all as sweet as can be…even if they might struggle with the idea of sharing a bit!

Eagle Ridge is nearby and you’ll want to spend some time watching the American Bald Eagels in their habitat. Although no quite as up close and personal as Lorikeet Glen, it’s still a must see. Every eagle is one that was injured and unable to survive in the wild. Thanks to Busch Gardens they now have a safe home.

There’s a variety of themed shopping located throughout the parks. Set aside some time to peek in as many shops as you can. You never know when you’ll find a new treasure.

My latest discovery are these These Furry Bones figures. They’re also my newest obsession.

After a day of walking around the park, my favorite way to recharge is with a ride on the train. You can get on or off at any of three different stops, and a round trip ride takes about 20 minutes.

No trip to Busch Gardens would be complete without a stop at The British Baker on the way out for a funnel cake. This is the home to the infamous “Cinnamon Bun Funnel Cake”, which is something everyone should try at least once. I was back to my purist roots, though, with a standard powdered sugar version on this trip.

Visit Busch Gardens Williamsburg online for the current details on shows, events, hours and more to help plan your next trip!


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