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Busch Gardens Williamsburg-The Low Thrill, High Fun Version

Elmo's CastleBusch Gardens DisclosureI’m a thrill junkie. I love roller coasters. Yet my last trip to Busch Gardens was completely roller coaster free.

Wait. I take that back. We totally got on Grover’s Alpine Express. That counts. At least it did to the four year old who took great pride in telling everyone her favorite part of our trip was riding her first roller coaster.

Having grown up riding The Loch Ness Monster and Big Bad Wolf, I wasn’t quite sure what a low-thrill trip with two little people in tow would be like. I loved finding out that Bush Gardens Williamsburg is still fun, even without a ride on Griffon. Wait…should I confess now that I’m a little afraid of Griffon?

SkyrideWhen you explore Bush Gardens’ Kidsiderate® attractions, you’ll find a variety of  fun made just for little ones. Make sure you check out Land of the Dragons® and the Sesame Street® Forest of Fun™.  Throughout the park there are rides that can be enjoyed by the whole family. We loved the bird’s eye view available on the Aeronaut Skyride. It’s the perfect way to travel between different areas of the park. The Busch Gardens Railway gives you another inter-park travel option. It’s also a great place to sneak in a bit of rest. The kids enjoy the train ride, you get off your feet for a few minutes. It’s win-win!

Insider Tip

The height restrictions for each ride are available on the Bush Gardens website. Check those out ahead of time to avoid disappointment at the turnstill. In addition to the rides made especially for the little ones, plenty of rides can be enjoyed by kids of smaller sizes when accompanied by an adult. Research first and you can plan your rides ahead of time!

SAMSUNG CSCIt wouldn’t be a trip to Busch Gardens without a fun park treat. The cinnamon bun funnel cake, available at the British Baker, is one of those things you need to try at least once in your life. I had them skip the pecans on mine, and the ice cream was on the side since I was sharing with someone who doesn’t like ice cream. (I know, doesn’t like ice cream? Crazy, right?) But yes…you need to try this once in your life.

Insider Tip

Consider eating your meals in one of the multiple areas that combine dining with a show. You can save money by pre-purchasing dining certificates online. If you purchase a Busch Gardens Souvenir Cup you’ll receive discount refills throughout the park.

SAMSUNG CSCSo even if you don’t get to enjoy things like Escape from Pompeii, you can still have a blast. I highly recommend standing on the observation platform here. The place where you watch but don’t get splashed. But you should totally send the little people to stand in the place where you get splashed.

Speaking of splashing…I have one more hint…

Elmo's Castle SplashInsider Tip

Make sure you pack the swimsuits and a towel or two. You’ll have a hard time pulling them away from splashing around at Elmo’s Castle. It’s also the perfect place to cool off on a hot day.

I can’t wait to head back to Busch Gardens again this summer. I’ll be checking out the high-thrill side of the park on my next trip. And maybe riding Griffon. Maybe…

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