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Catch A Holiday Ride For Free With Uber

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uber-codeUber is my favorite app when I’m traveling. I use it to get to and from the airport. I use it when I’m heading out for the night. I use it anytime I need to get anywhere!

I love that I don’t have to worry about carrying cash, and I love that I can use the fare split feature to share the costs with my friends. No more “I’ll pay you back when I get some cash!”

If you’re new to Uber, don’t worry-it’s easy to use! Just download the app and set up your payment information. Don’t forget to put in code “bunnyhopsDEC10” to get your first ride, up to $10, for free. When you need a ride, just open the app and put in your pick up and drop off information. You’ll get a notification when your ride is on the way. The app uses your payment information to handle the transaction-it’s totally cash free!  Hurry, though. The free ride code is only good this month!

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