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The Ultimate Christmas Party Playlist

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Christmas Party Playlist

Ah, the holidays. That time of year when you trade in one kind of busy for a completely different kind of busy. I personally like both kinds of busy. Work busy means I can pay my mortgage. Holiday busy means I get to party with a bunch of cool people and I have an excuse to shop every day. All while surrounded by Christmas lights.

So back to those holiday parties… In my circles, we’re all about bringing something. You don’t show up empty-handed. Ever. Bring an appetizer. Bring a dessert. If you’re super lame, bring the cups. But you gotta bring something. This year I’ll be bringing a dessert, because it’s expected. But I’ll also be bringing the ultimate Christmas party playlist. Because a Christmas party means music. And I have good tastes in music. So, you know…everyone wins.

When creating the ultimate party playlist, you’ll need to keep a few things in mind. First of all, diversity is key. Include a few crowd pleasers mixed in with things a little more obscure. But not too obscure. People don’t want to spend the entire party going, “What the…???”

Don’t be afraid to court a little controversy. I’ve already been called out for skipping the original version of “Do They Know It’s Christmas” in favor of the one by Barenaked Ladies. I like them both, but I stand by my choice.

And if you’re anything like me, there are a few songs that end up on the list that you totally don’t remember putting there. But whatever…we’ll just call that part of the magic of Christmas.

Celebrate the holidays with the ultimate Christmas Party Playlist!


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You can grab a great phone like the Samsung Galaxy Core Prime and a T-Mobile refill card from Walmart. You know you’re there every other day this time of year anyway. Of maybe it’s just me who can’t create a complete shopping list and has to run out for a roll of tape one day, a bag of chocolate chips the next? Tis’ the season! Elf Playlist

Of course just because I’m calling it a party playlist doesn’t mean it can only be used at parties. You can totally stream my awesome Christmas song selections while you’re sitting in bed and wondering if you moved that darn Elf.

Christmas DecorationsAnd you know you want to listen to Christmas music while you decorate for the season.

Advent CalendarWhat’s more festive than listening to carols while you argue over who gets to eat the chocolate from today’s space in the advent calendar?
Christmas Wrapping
You can stream “Christmas Wrapping” while doing your Christmas wrapping. See what I did there?

Christmas Baking

You’ll definitely need to hear something festive while you bake your way through that thirty-seventh batch of Christmas cookies…

Whatever you listen to, stream on, my friend, stream on. You have unlimited streaming with “Music Freedom“. And sorry, not sorry if “I Want A Hippopotamus for Christmas” gets stuck in your head all day…

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